Notification of Sample Clauses

Notification of a staffing surplus shall be advised to the affected midwives and their Union at least one month prior to the date of giving notice of severance or enhanced early retirement to any affected midwife. This date may be varied by agreement between the parties. During this period, the employer and midwife, who can elect to involve their Union Representative, will meet to agree on the options appropriate to the circumstances. Where midwives are to be relocated, at least three months' notice shall be given to midwives, provided that in any situation, a lesser period of notice may be mutually agreed between the midwife and the employer where the circumstances warrant it (and agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld).
Notification of. Award 40.1 Prior to the expiration of the period of Bid validity, the Employer shall notify the successful Bidder, in writing that its Bid has been accepted. The notification letter (hereinafter and in the Conditions of Contract and Contract Forms called the “Letter of Acceptance”) shall specify the sum that the Employer will pay the Contractor in consideration of the execution and completion of the Works (hereinafter and in the Conditions of Contract and Contract Forms called “the Accepted Contract Amount”). At the same time, the Employer shall also notify all other Bidders of the results of the bidding.
Notification of disclosure Each of the Finance Parties agrees (to the extent permitted by law and regulation) to inform the Borrowers:
Notification of. Claim IMS shall promptly notify dodo upon IMS's receipt of notification of claims or liabilities described herein and shall cooperate fully with dodo, at IMS's expense, in the defense of such claims.
Notification of. an amendment to its Constitutional Documents;
Notification of. The Board shall notify employees who are to be laid off ten (10) working days prior to the effective date of lay-off. If the employee has not had the opportunity to work the days, as provided in this Article, he shall be paid for the days for which work was not made available.
Notification of. [**]. IV hereby agrees to provide notice to Digimarc of [**], which assessment shall be made by IV in its good faith discretion, provided that Digimarc agrees that any such disclosure shall remain subject to the confidentiality obligations set forth in the NDA and that such disclosure may be used by Digimarc solely in connection with the execution and performance of the transactions contemplated by the Patent License Agreement and the other Transaction Agreements. Upon any assignment or transfer by IV of all or substantially all of the Patents to any Entity unaffiliated with IV and that is not managed or controlled by any representative of IV, such assignee Entity shall be entitled to elect to either (x) assume the obligation in this subsection 2.3, or (y) not assume the obligations in this subsection 2.3, in which case this subsection 2.3, as well as the restrictions on