Notification of Sample Clauses

Notification of a staffing surplus shall be advised to the affected midwives and their Union at least one month prior to the date of giving notice of severance or enhanced early retirement to any affected midwife. This date may be varied by agreement between the parties. During this period, the employer and midwife, who can elect to involve their Union Representative, will meet to agree on the options appropriate to the circumstances. Where midwives are to be relocated, at least three months' notice shall be given to midwives, provided that in any situation, a lesser period of notice may be mutually agreed between the midwife and the employer where the circumstances warrant it (and agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld).
Notification of. Subcontract Content Exceeding 70 Percent In compliance with DFARS 252.244-7001, Seller shall maintain procedures to timely notify Buyer, in writing, if Seller changes the amount of lower-tier subcontractor effort after award such that it exceeds 70 percent of the total cost of the Work to be performed under its Subcontract. The notification shall identify the revised cost of the subcontract effort and shall include verification that the Seller will provide added value as related to the Work to be performed by the lower-tier subcontractor(s). This requirement is applicable to each of the Seller’s lower-tier cost-reimbursement subcontracts no matter the value and all letter subcontracts, fixed –price subcontracts, time and materials subcontracts and labor hour subcontracts if the subcontract exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold. Seller shall include the substance of this clause in all sub-tier subcontracts.
Notification of. Discretionary leave shall be given to employee’s supervisor at the earliest possible time to facilitate school planning.
Notification of. (i) any new authorisation of an Entity and (ii) the withdrawal of an Entity’s authorisation.
Notification of disclosure Each of the Finance Parties agrees (to the extent permitted by law and regulation) to inform the Borrowers:
Notification of. The Board shall notify employees who are to be laid off ten (10) working days prior to the effective date of lay-off. If the employee has not had the opportunity to work the days, as provided in this Article, he shall be paid for the days for which work was not made available.
Notification of. DEATH The death of any Owner, Annuitant or Xxxxx must be reported to the Company immediately. The Company will require certified proof of death in the following form: 1. A certified copy of the death certificate; and/or 2. A certified copy of a decree from a court of competent jurisdiction as to the finding of death; and/or 3. Other form as may be required by the Issue State indicated on the Contract Data Page The Company is entitled to recover any overpayments made because of failure to timely notify the Company of death. The Owner or any successor Owner is liable to the Company for any overpayments, including any overpayments made to a Payee other than the Owner. The Company is not responsible for any mispayments that result from failure to timely notify the Company of such death.
Notification of. CLASSIFICATION XXX will notify the employee in writing of their classification and terms of employment on commencement. RIG will consult within 2.11 and notify the employee of any alteration to their classification in writing before the operative day of such alteration.
Notification of. Claim IMS shall promptly notify dodo upon IMS's receipt of notification of claims or liabilities described herein and shall cooperate fully with dodo, at IMS's expense, in the defense of such claims.
Notification of. RELOCATION Hawker agrees to notify Federal within thirty (30) days after making a decision to relocate its facilities.