Mutual Aid Sample Clauses

Mutual Aid. When rendering mutual aid or assistance as authorized in H&SC Sections 13050 and 13054, STATE may, at the request of LOCAL AGENCY, demand payment of charges and seek reimbursement of LOCAL AGENCY costs for personnel, equipment and operating expenses as funded herein, under authority given by H&SC Sections 13051 and 13054. STATE, in seeking said reimbursement pursuant to such request of LOCAL AGENCY, shall represent LOCAL AGENCY by following the procedures set forth in H&SC Section 13052. Any recovery of LOCAL AGENCY costs, less expenses, shall be paid or credited to LOCAL AGENCY, as directed by LOCAL AGENCY. In all such instances, STATE shall give timely notice of the possible application of H&SC Sections 13051 and 13054 to the officer designated by LOCAL AGENCY.
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Mutual Aid. A. Regional, State, or Federal mutual aid requests. Contractor must respond to requests for mutual aid made at the Regional, State, or Federal levels as part of the Regional, State and/or Federal response system, if directed to do so by the MVEMSA Executive Director, her/his designee, or the MHOAC unless the request would fundamentally cause immediate failure of service to the Contractor’s authorized response zone. Any mutual aid refusal must be in consultation with the MVEMSA Executive Director or her/his designee.
Mutual Aid. ‌ Mutual aid may be requested once all on duty available City of Urbana Fire Department personnel have been dispatched, or are on other responses or when equipment is not available by City of Urbana Fire Department. Mutual aid units will be requested first from the Champaign Fire Department. Any additional Mutual Aid units needed, and not available from Champaign Fire, will be requested from the existing County- wide Mutual Aid agreement ,but not substituted in lieu of an attempt to call back any off duty Urbana Fire personnel to back fill staffing. All Mutual Aid companies operating inside the corporate city limits of Urbana will, if possible, be under the supervision of a member of the City of Urbana Fire Department, or if not available a member of the City of Champaign Fire Department. Mutual Aid is defined as aid that is being requested by the authority having jurisdiction. Automatic Aid is defined as prearranged assistance in accordance with the run cards at the Fire dispatch center. Exception will be a request for a special piece of equipment that neither the City of Urbana Fire Department or the City of Champaign Fire Department maintains. Pursuant to 65 ILCS 5/10-2.1-4, the City shall not use a person who has not qualified for regular appointment to the Fire Division as a temporary or permanent substitute or for regular appointment as a member of the Fire Division.
Mutual Aid. It is not the City’s intention to use mutual aid to avoid callbacks.
Mutual Aid. The Participating Hospitals agree, in the event of a Disaster, to use best efforts to make medical and general supplies, including pharmaceuticals, and biomedical equipment (including, but not limited to ventilators, monitors, and infusion pumps) available to each other based on patient need. Each Participating Hospital shall be entitled to use its reasonable judgment regarding the type and amount of supplies and equipment it can provide without adversely affecting its own ability to provide services. Any requests should be included on the standard HICS Form 257 – Resource Accounting Record – for tracking.
Mutual Aid. The Agencies may directly assist each other during the initial attack or the first 48 hours (or as negotiated) through US Fire Dispatch Centers or BC Regional Wildfire Coordination Centres (listed in the Operating Guideline Appendix B). This may include mutual planning or sharing of resources. Each Agency will be responsible for their own personnel, aircraft, and equipment and supply costs operating in the Threat Zone. If further assistance is required all resources must be ordered through the Canada/United State Reciprocal Forest Fire Fighting Arrangement or the Northwest Wildland Fire Protection Agreement (NW Compact). This will occur if; Fire(s) are not threatening values along the International Border, extended action is required, or Jurisdictional Agency requests specific resources and assistance from the Supporting Agency.
Mutual Aid. In any case where the Town has a mutual aid agreement with any city or town in the State of Rhode Island or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the members of the permanent paid fire department of such city or town have set up a picket line, employees covered by this Agreement shall not be ordered to engage in firefighting services with the exception of immediate and necessary life saving functions in said city or town wherein the picket line has been established by members of said fire department.
Mutual Aid. The Township of Xxxxxxxx agrees that when mutual aid is required it will first recall to duty members of the Association as determined by the Fire Chief. If time does not permit the calling of Association Employees, Mutual Aid will then be called in until such time as the Association employees can be recalled to duty.
Mutual Aid. Contractor, at its option, may enter into Mutual Aid Agreements with other Emergency Ambulance agencies, provided however that:
Mutual Aid. A. As of the date of this Agreement and thereafter, upon notification by an authorized representative of DEP to the OPERATOR of an emergency situation, the OPERATOR will make its designated trainee available immediately to aid the party suffering such emergency in accordance with 30 CFR §49.2(a)(2), provided, however, that its designated trainee shall not then be responding to or engaged in another emergency situation.