Actual Expenses definition

Actual Expenses includes but is not limited to the following:
Actual Expenses means all reasonable
Actual Expenses means the costs paid in Ore- gon for principal photography, production or postproduction in Oregon of a qualifying film produc- tion, including but not limited to the purchase or rental cost of equipment, food, lodging, real property and per- mits and payments made for salaries, wages and benefits for work in Oregon.

Examples of Actual Expenses in a sentence

  • The information under "Actual Expenses," together with the amount you invested, allows you to estimate actual expenses incurred over the reporting period.

  • Actual Expenses for Elected Officials, Board Members (if allowed by the Board), and State OfficersItemized receipts are required for each item claimed):Elected Officials, Board Members (if allowed by the Board), State Officers, others so authorized by statute, or any individual preapproved exception will be reimbursed on an actual expense basis, for meals and lodging, while in travel status, except in cases where other provisions for reimbursement have been made by statue.

  • Actual Expenses – The first line of the table below provides information about actual account values and actual expenses.

  • Actual Expenses for State Officers (Itemized receipts or other supporting documents are required for each item claimed).

  • Actual Expenses; Reworded with UB and out-of-pocket expenses added.- C.

More Definitions of Actual Expenses

Actual Expenses has the meaning set forth in Section 10.2.
Actual Expenses as reported in the Monthly Expense Reconciliation Report ("Monthly Report") submitted to the Company) will be calculated at the end of the Term of this Agreement and fifty percent (50%) of the excess, if any, of (a) the total "Invoiced Expenses" (as reported in the Monthly Report) over (b) such Actual Expenses of the Consultant to such date shall be reimbursed by Consultant to the Company promptly following the determination thereof.
Actual Expenses. With respect to any Property, as defined in Section 2.13(c).
Actual Expenses means amounts Korn Ferry pays to others in anticipation of the Services (e.g., hotels, airlines) that Korn Ferry cannot recover on its termination of the bookings or that Korn Ferry incurs due to changes or cancellations. Korn Ferry will charge Client for costs incurred for any materials Korn Ferry prepares (e.g., for events, workshops, meetings) if the engagement is not rescheduled within two months of the original date.