Mutual Agreements Sample Clauses

Mutual Agreements. No Nurse shall be required or permitted to make any written or verbal agreement with the Employer, its representatives or immediate management supervisors, which is contrary to the terms of this Collective Agreement. This will not prevent a Nurse from making a temporary arrangement with the Employer, its representatives or immediate supervisors, when such an arrangement does not affect other Nurses in the Bargaining Unit.
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Mutual Agreements. No employee shall be required to make any written or oral agreement with the Employer, which is contrary to the terms of this Agreement.
Mutual Agreements. Each Debtor and Secured Party mutually agree as follows:
Mutual Agreements. The House Staff member and the Hospital mutually agree to: A. fulfill the educational requirements of the graduate training program as delineated in the ACGME institutional, common program, and the specialty or subspecialty program requirements.
Mutual Agreements. The Parties mutually agree to:
Mutual Agreements. 1. It is understood that this agreement may be modified provided that the modification is in writing, and agreed upon by all parties.
Mutual Agreements. Company and Secured Party mutually agree as follows:
Mutual Agreements. 1. County agrees to provide City the use of equipment and materials owned by County at the current prices to the County for such equipment and materials for the furtherance of the Work. Prior to City utilizing any County equipment or materials, City shall request and receive a statement of County’s current hourly rates for use of equipment and materials. The current hourly rates for equipment of County as of the date of this Agreement are attached hereto as Exhibit A. County shall be solely responsible for determining the current rate for its equipment and City agrees to reimburse County for such costs within thirty (30) days of receipt of invoice from County. Any request for use by City of County equipment and materials shall be subject to the approval of Commissioner of Precinct 1 determining that such equipment and materials are not required by the Precinct 1 Commissioner for the times requested by the City.