Response Sample Clauses

Response. If the State fails to respond to a grievance within the time limits specified for that step, the grievant shall have the right to appeal to the next step.
Response. Immediately upon becoming aware of a Security Breach, a complaint of a Security Breach or of circumstances that could have resulted in unauthorized access to or disclosure or use of District Data, Vendor will notify the District in writing, fully investigate the incident, cooperate fully with the District’s investigation of and response to the incident, and use best efforts to prevent any further Security Breach at Vendor’s expense in accordance with applicable privacy laws. Except as otherwise required by law, Vendor will not provide notice of the incident directly to individuals whose Personally Identifiable Information was involved, regulatory agencies, or other entities, without prior written permission from the District.
Response. The Non-Initiating Member shall have thirty (30) days from the date of the Sale Notice (the “Response Period”) to provide written notice to the Initiating Member of whether the Company should make or accept the Offer; the failure to timely deliver such notice shall be deemed to constitute an election to accept the Offer and sell such Company Interest on the terms of the Offer.
Response. Within twenty (20) calendar days of receiving the request mentioned in (1) and (2) above, the responding party shall prepare and serve a response to the request. Such response shall be served upon the requesting party, or representative of record, by the same means as service of the request was made.
Response. We respond to any notification received by us of any error, outage, alarm or alert pertaining to the Environment, in accordance with priority table(s) in the applicable SOW. In no event will we be responsible for delays in our response or our provision of Services during (i) those periods of time covered under the Transition Exception (defined below), or (ii) periods of delay caused by Client-Side Downtime (defined below), Vendor-Side Downtime (defined below) or (iii) periods in which we are required to suspend the Services to protect the security or integrity of the Environment or our equipment or network, or (iv) delays caused by a force majeure event.
Response. Within forty-five (45) days of receipt of a Notice provided pursuant to Section 7.1, the non-initiating party shall respond to the initiating party in writing.
Response. Without limiting Contractor’s obligations under Section 5(b) below, with respect to each Technical Support Incident not covered in the table below, Contractor shall respond to the JBE within two (2) hours after the JBE reports a Technical Support Incident (such hours all occurring during Standard M&S Hours) to Contractor or within the applicable Response Periods, whichever is shorter.
Response. If the County fails to respond to a grievance within the time limits specified for that step, the grievant shall have the right to appeal to the next step, except that only the Union shall have the right to refer the matter to binding arbitration.
Response. The party that has not demanded arbitration shall -------- respond to the notice of demand within five (5) calendar days of receipt of such -------- notice by delivering a written response in accordance with the notice provisions of Section 9. The response shall list the name of a second arbitrator qualified in accordance with Subsection (d). The response shall also describe counterclaims, if any, the amount involved, and the particular remedy sought. If a party fails to respond timely to the notice of demand, the arbitrator selected by the party making such demand under Subsection (b) shall resolve the dispute, controversy or claim within seven (7) calendar days of the deadline for response.
Response. The employee upon whom the Notice of Proposed Action has been served, shall have seven (7) days to respond to the Department Head or his/her designee either orally or in writing before the proposed action may be taken. Upon application and for good cause, the Department Head or his/her designee may extend the time period to respond. If the employee chooses to respond orally, the employee shall be entitled to a personal meeting with the Department Head or his/her designee. At such meeting, the employee may be accompanied by an attorney or association representative.