At risk definition

At risk means there is reason to believe injury, hazard, damage, or loss may occur.
At risk means a child who is at risk of not entering school ready to learn due to factors including but not limited to:
At risk means a student who has the potential for academic failure, including, but not

Examples of At risk in a sentence

  • At risk historic properties are more commonly identified as part of strategies developed in consultation with the SHPO for specific undertakings or programs (e.g., non-intensive survey strategies).

  • At risk of institutionalization" as used in the definition of a "medically fragile foster home" means that unless the child's medical condition, and/or functional abilities and/or environment are maintained or improved, the child would require placement in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded, in order to maintain their health and safety.

  • Algoritam, Zagreb McWhirter R, McWhirter B, McWhirter A, McWhirter E (1993) At risk youth: a comprehensive response.

  • At risk for overweight for children – BMI between the 85th and 94th percentile on the CDC growth chart.

  • At risk letters were prepared for employees returning in January and managers advised accordingly regarding the process to be followed.

More Definitions of At risk

At risk means at risk of academic failure.
At risk has the meaning set out in sub-paragraph (b) of this paragraph 43. “Borrowers" or “you” means the person(s) shown as borrower(s) and co-borrower(s) in the disclosure statement and includes their/your executors, administrators and successors in titlethe people who may take over your rights and obligations if you die or if you cannot pay your debts. “Calculate” means to work out or to decide an amount following certain rules. “Collateral” means the goods and any other personal property described in the disclosure statement in the box headed “WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF YOU FAIL TO MEET YOUR COMMITMENTS Security Interest” “Personal Property – Collateral” section and includes an interest in such goods or other personal property. “Consumer goods” means goods that are used or acquired for use primarily for personal, domestic, or household purposes – goods that are not mostly used in business or investment. “Default” under this agreement means that you do something you have agreed not to do or you fail to do something you have agreed are required to do. “Default Fees” and “Default interest” are as listed and described under “Default interest charges and default fees” in the disclosure statement. “Financial default” means that you have failed to pay an instalment or other amount when due. “Guarantor” means the person shown as guarantor in this agreement and the associated guarantee and includes his or her executors, administrators and successors in title. “Initial Unpaid Balance” is the amount you owe at the date of this agreement and it is further detailed in the CREDIT DETAILS of the disclosure statement. “Instalment” means a payment you must make regularly, usually on the same day of each week, fortnight or month. “Land” includes an interest in land. “Land to be mortgaged” means the land shown in the disclosure statement in the box headed WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF YOU FAIL TO MEET YOUR COMMITMENTS”, “Real Property - The Land to be Mortgaged” section. “Legal paper” means a document or a notice or other written paperwork about this agreement. “Lender” or “we” or any similar pronoun is the person lending the money and the expression includes its employees and agents and any person to whom the lender assigns its rights under this agreement or who otherwise takes over the lender’s rights. “Liability” means something you must do or an amount you must pay. If you are liable to do something or pay anything, it means you are responsible for doing or paying – you must do the thin...
At risk means a documented family history of a verified heritable condition described above, a diagnosed medical condition with an established comorbidity to a condition described above, or a verified environmental exposure to an agent or condition known to be the cause of a condition from the conditions described above.
At risk means there is no guarantee that the target value will be realized.
At risk or “high risk” means that a child has been referred to juvenile court services for a delinquency violation or has exhibited behaviors likely to result in a juvenile delinquency referral.
At risk means a designation made by the council based on an adverse action or other findings that indicate a heightened potential of closure or other negative impacts on students.
At risk means a student who has the potential for