Liquid Assets Sample Clauses

Liquid Assets. The words "Liquid Assets" mean Borrower's cash on hand plus Borrower's readily marketable securities.
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Liquid Assets. At all times, be and remain the owner of Unencumbered Liquid Assets having a value (as such value is determined by Bank) of not less than One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,500,000).
Liquid Assets. All Liquid Assets shall be assigned to Buyer by Seller pursuant to the Xxxx of Sale and Assignment attached hereto as Exhibit 3.02(A) as of the close of business on the Closing Date.
Liquid Assets. Permit Oak Street LLC's Liquid Assets at any time to be less than $5,000,000.
Liquid Assets. The Customer shall own free and clear of all Liens of, and restrictions imposed by, third parties cash and Cash Equivalents having a fair market value which, when added to the amount of committed financing (other than vendor financing or financing under this Agreement) immediately available to the Customer on such borrowing date, is at least equal to $100,000,000.
Liquid Assets. Cash on hand or assets that can easily be converted into cash in a short amount of time, including such items as money market instruments and marketable securities related to Leland’s Enterprise Fund, Water and Wastewater Facilities, and/or Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems.
Liquid Assets. The Bank shall invest its liquid assets in commercial papers and bank deposits, pursuant to a decision taken by the Board of Directors. Such investments shall, to the extent possible, be made in Arab and African countries, with due regard being paid to satisfy liquidity, convertibility and diversification and to the best possible returns.
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Liquid Assets. Not permit the aggregate fair market value of Liquid Assets of the Borrowers to be at any time less than $12,000,000."
Liquid Assets. The Guarantor shall maintain liquid assets (including but not limited to hedge fund holdings redeemable on a quarterly or more frequent basis) equal to or greater than the outstanding balance of obligations on all credit lines plus the aggregate unfunded capital commitments of the Guarantor, at all times but tested on a semiannual basis beginning with the fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2021.
Liquid Assets. Permit Borrowers' Liquid Assets, on a combined basis, at any time to be less than $6,000,000.
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