Markets Sample Clauses

Markets. We shall not be liable for any act taken by or on the instruction of an exchange, clearing house or regulatory body.
Markets. We are not be liable for any act taken by or on the instruction of a market, clearing house or regulatory body.26.10 Suspension or permanent withdrawal with notice‌We may suspend or permanently withdraw an Electronic Service, by giving you 10 dayswritten notice.26.11 Immediate suspension or permanent withdrawal‌We have the right, unilaterally and with immediate effect, to suspend or withdraw permanently your ability to use the Electronic Service, or any part thereof, without notice, where we consider it necessary or advisable to do so, for example due to your non-compliance with the Applicable Laws, breach of any provisions of this Agreement, on the occurrence of an Event of Default, network problems, failure of power supply, for maintenance, or to protect you when there has been a breach of security. In addition, the use of an Electronic Service may be terminated automatically, upon the termination (for whatever reason) of (i) any licence granted to us that relates to the Electronic Service; or (ii) this Agreement.26.12 Effects of termination‌In the event of a termination of the use of the Electronic Service for any reason, upon request by us, you must, at our option, return to us or destroy all hardware, software and documentation that we have provided you in connection with such Electronic Service and any copies thereof.
Markets. Brief analysis of changes in Borrower’s market conditions (both domestic and export), with emphasis on changes in market share and degree of competition.
Markets. Duties. Markets will have the responsibility and authority to provide care and maintenance of the Series Assets (wherever stabled) as well as all breeding and racing management, consultation and bloodstock services (including without limitation, pedigree consultation, selection of horses for purchase and sale, management of the training and competing of the horses, etc.) necessary for the operation of the Series’ business (the “Services”). Markets shall perform the Services for the account of and as exclusive agent of the Company and the Series using commercially reasonable efforts. The Services shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following matters:
Markets. If the Closing Date does not occur on or before January 10, 2008 solely as a result of the occurrence of a Market Event the Parties agree to extend the Closing Date (and the date as of which a Party may terminate this Agreement under §9.1(d)) to March 25, 2008.
Markets. Market surveys, studies and analyses; -------
Markets. 8.1 Attachment BForm of Project SchedulePROJECT SCHEDULE NO. [ ]MASTER COLLABORATION AGREEMENTThis Project Schedule No. [ ] (“PROJECT SCHEDULE”) is effective as of the date of the last signature herein (the “PROJECT SCHEDULE Effective Date”) and describes Activities to be performed by ArcherDX, Inc. (“Company”) and AstraZeneca UK Ltd (“AZ”) and is entered pursuant to the Master Collaboration Agreement, dated [ ] between the Parties (the “Master Collaboration Agreement”). This PROJECT SCHEDULE and any appendices hereto shall be incorporated into the Master Collaboration Agreement, and the Activities to be performed hereunder are subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Collaboration Agreement, except as expressly set forth with specificity in this PROJECT SCHEDULE. Each capitalized term in this PROJECT SCHEDULE shall refer to the corresponding definition in the Master Collaboration Agreement, unless otherwise defined within this PROJECT SCHEDULE.This PROJECT SCHEDULE is divided into the following sections:
Markets. Brief analysis of changes in Co-Borrowersmarket conditions (both domestic and export), with emphasis on changes in market share and degree of competition.
Markets. If, for reasons beyond Inversora's control, abnormal or disorderly circumstances in the national and/or international securities markets make it generally impossible or more difficult to subscribe for the shares issued in the Capital Increase;