Property Taxes definition

Property Taxes means all real property Taxes, personal property Taxes and similar ad valorem Taxes.
Property Taxes means any real estate and personal property taxes, assessments, water charges, sewer rents, levies, imposts, deductions, charges or withholdings, and all liabilities with respect thereto now or hereafter levied or assessed or imposed by a Governmental Authority against any Property, any Collateral, any part of either of the foregoing or Borrower.
Property Taxes shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.5.13.

Examples of Property Taxes in a sentence

  • Each Party shall timely and duly cause to be filed all Tax Returns and other documentation with respect to all Property Taxes subject to this Section 7.4 that are required by applicable Law to be filed by such Party, and shall pay to the relevant Governmental Entity all such Property Taxes required to be paid by such Party (subject to any reimbursement provided for herein).

  • Within ten days after receipt of a refund of any Property Taxes that were subject to proration under this Section 7.4, the Party that receives any such refund shall remit to the other Party its share, if any, of such refund, with each Party’s share to be calculated on the same basis as provided above.

More Definitions of Property Taxes

Property Taxes means real, personal and intangible property Taxes.
Property Taxes means all ad valorem, real property, personal property, and all other similar Taxes and similar obligations, and any penalties, additions to Tax, and interest levied or assessed thereon, assessed against the Purchased Assets or based upon or measured by the ownership of the Purchased Assets, but not including income Taxes and sales and other transfer Taxes.
Property Taxes means real and personal ad valorem property Taxes and any other Taxes imposed on a periodic basis and measured by the level of any item.
Property Taxes means all present and future property taxes, rates, assessments, local improvement charges, administration fees and other similar amounts charged by local government on your Property. It includes interest and penalties charged by a local government.
Property Taxes has the meaning set forth in Section 12.1.
Property Taxes shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 9.12.
Property Taxes means all ad valorem, real property, and personal property taxes, all general and special private and public assessments, all other property taxes, and all similar obligations pertaining to the Assets.