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Terms of the Order. The terms governing this Order (hereinafter, “Terms of the Order”) are contained in the following documents identified in this section 2.1. In the event of a conflict, the documents shall take precedence in the order listed, with the first applicable document having the highest priority: (i) the Negotiation Record and Logistics Parameter; (ii) the Master Purchase Agreement; (iii) these General Terms and Conditions; (iv) Buyer’s Material Releases; (v) all other documents incorporated into or otherwise made a part of the Order by Buyer and issued by Buyer to Seller in connection with the Order; and (vi) Buyer’s Policies. Xxxxxx has read and understands the Terms of the Order and agrees to keep current regarding the terms of Xxxxx’s Policies.
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Terms of the Order. This order shall run from the date last stated below for twelve (12) months ("Initial Order Term") and thereafter automatically renewed for twelve (12) months (each "Renewal Order Period", referred to as the Initial Order Term), "Order Term") unless (i) within the Initial Order Term the Company terminated without reason after 90 days 'notice, and the Company shall be responsible for all damages and losses of the Customer or (ii) at any reasonable reason which is satisfied to the Customer after 90 days' notice to the Customer. If the Customer does not terminate early for reasonable reasons, the Customer needs to pay the electricity fee for 3 months as a fine If the Customer evaluates that the custody benefit of the Company is significantly lower than (5% lower), the Customer shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and remove the mining machine, the Company shall cooperate unconditionally, and shall be responsible for all relevant costs, expenses and damages.
Terms of the Order. The terms governing this Order (hereinafter, “Terms of the Order”) are contained in the following documents identified in this section 2.1. In the event of a conflict, the documents shall take precedence in the order listed, with the first document having the highest priority: (i) the Negotiation Record and Logistics Parameter; (ii) the Basic Purchase Agreement;
Terms of the Order. The “Order” consists of the following, which are sometimes referred to collectively as the Terms of the Order: (i) the purchase order; (ii) Material Releases (as defined in Section 3(a)) issued by Buyer to Seller under the purchase order (iii) these Terms; (iv) all other documents specifically incorporated into or otherwise made a part of the Order by Buyer; and (v) Buyer’s purchase policies, as revised by Buyer and agreed to in writing by Seller from time to time. Seller is responsible for keeping current regarding the terms of Buyer’s purchase policies.

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  • Informal Resolution of Disputes 10.5.1 Upon receipt by one Party of notice of a dispute by the other Party pursuant to Section 10.3 or Section 10.4.5, each Party will appoint a knowledgeable, responsible representative to meet and negotiate in good faith to resolve any dispute arising under this Agreement. The location, form, frequency, duration, and conclusion of these discussions will be left to the discretion of the representatives. Upon agreement, the representatives may utilize other alternative Dispute Resolution procedures such as mediation to assist in the negotiations. Discussions and the correspondence among the representatives for purposes of settlement are exempt from discovery and production and will not be admissible in the arbitration described below or in any lawsuit without the concurrence of both Parties. Documents identified in or provided with such communications that were not prepared for purposes of the negotiations are not so exempted, and, if otherwise admissible, may be admitted in evidence in the arbitration or lawsuit.

  • Disputes Resolution 10:01 Jurisdictional disputes involving workers employed under this Collective Agreement shall henceforth be resolved under the provisions of the Canadian Jurisdictional Disputes Plan in accordance with its rules and regulations and without work stoppage, slow down or other lack of production, and it is further agreed that a jurisdictional dispute shall in no way interfere with the progress or prosecution of work.

  • Disputes Resolution Procedure 10.1 A major objective of this Agreement is to eliminate lost time and/or production arising out of disputes or grievances. The Parties to this Agreement are committed to complying with the terms of this procedure.

  • Resolution of Disputes Any dispute or disagreement which may arise under, or as a result of, or in any way related to, the interpretation, construction or application of this Agreement shall be determined by the Committee. Any determination made hereunder shall be final, binding and conclusive on the Grantee and the Company for all purposes.

  • Order of Recall As vacancies occur, employees will be recalled to available work in the order of the seniority providing skill; competence and ability are considered substantially equal in the judgment of the Employer. Subject to the above qualifications, an employee on layoff shall be offered reinstatement to vacant positions prior to any employees being newly hired and after any appropriate internal transfers as further set forth in this section. Employees regularly assigned to a specific unit, department or facility will be given preferential consideration for transfer to other shifts or positions in that unit, department or facility over all other employees except more senior employees returning from layoff status to their previous unit and shift or position and department/facility. If any offer of recall is accepted, the employee shall be deemed recalled and be removed from the recall roster. Any recall of employees out of seniority will be communicated to the Union representative in advance of the recall.

  • Methods of Resolution of Disputes In the event of any dispute with respect to the construction and performance of this Agreement, the Parties shall first resolve the dispute through friendly negotiations. In the event the Parties fail to reach an agreement on the dispute within 30 days after either Party’s request to the other Parties for resolution of the dispute through negotiations, either Party may submit the relevant dispute to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration, in accordance with its arbitration rules. The arbitration shall be conducted in Beijing. The arbitration award shall be final and binding on all Parties.

  • Agreement to Arbitrate Disputes Either you or we may elect, without the other’s consent, to require that any dispute between us concerning your membership, your deposit accounts (“Accounts”) and the services related to your membership and Accounts, including but not limited to all disputes that you may raise against us, must be resolved by binding arbitration, except for those disputes specifically excluded below.

  • Terms of Arbitration The arbitrator chosen in accordance with these provisions will not have the power to alter, amend or otherwise affect the terms of these arbitration provisions or the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Mediation of Disputes In the event of any disputes arise between the parties under this Agreement, the parties agree to use the following procedure prior to and as a precondition to either party pursuing any other available remedies, including arbitration or litigation.

  • Contract Disputes The Parties shall deal in good faith and attempt to resolve potential disputes informally. If the dispute concerning a question of fact arising under the terms of this Contract is not disposed of in a reasonable period of time by the Contractor’s Supervisor and the County‘s project manager as specified in Article 25. Notices by way of the following process, such matter shall be brought to the attention of the County DPA by way of the following process: