Speed Sample Clauses

Speed. The relative importance we attach is “high”.
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Speed. (a) The Contract Price shall not be affected or changed by reason of the trial speed (as determined according to the SPECIFICATIONS being less than the guaranteed speed, if such variation is not more than Two-Tenths (2/10) of One (1) knot.
Speed. Comcast makes no representation regarding the speed of the Internet Service. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors affect speed including, without limitation, the number of workstations using a single connection.
Speed. Should the Ship's speed at trial displacement and under the conditions stated in the Technical Specification be lower than the value stated in Art 3.3., FINC shall pay to the Owner, as final liquidated damages, the following amounts: — for the first 0.5.knot of less speed: nothing; — for further 0.5 knot of less speed up to 1 knot: Euro 15.000,00 (fifteenthousand) per tenth of knot; — for further 0.5 knot of less speed up to 1.5 knots: Euro 25.000,00 (twentyfivethousand) per tenth of knot; Should the Ship's speed be lower than 1,5 knots of the speed as per Art. 3.3 above, then the Owner, as an alternative to receiving the above liquidated damages, shall have the option to resolve this Contract with the consequences provided for in Art. 15. hereof.
Speed. Level flight speed at an Aircraft gross weight of *** at a pressure altitude of 35,000 ft in ISA conditions using a thrust not exceeding maximum cruise thrust shall be not less than the guaranteed Mach number value of: ***.
Speed. (a) The Contract Price of the VESSEL shall not be affected nor changed by reason of the actual speed (as determined by the Trial Run after correction according to the Specifications) being less than five tenths (5/10) of one knot below the Guaranteed Speed.
Speed. The Vessel’s average speed at sea trials undertaken as per Technical Specification shall be at least 16,3 knots at 100% of max. continuous power, with the gear box driven alternator developing zero output.
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Speed. Should the speed of the vessel as recorded on the official Sea Trial be less than the Speed specified in Article 2.7, and should the Builder be unable to remedy this defect within reasonable time then, the Owner can reject the Vessel. In such event the Builder shall refund immediately to the Owner the full amount the Owner has paid to the Builder under this Contract together with the original cost of the Owner Furnished Equipment delivered to the Builder, plus interest thereon at the rate of 2% above prevailing prime rate of DBS Bank, Singapore from the date following the date of receipt by the Builder of such pre-delivery installment(s) to the date of payment by the Builder to the Owner of the refund, whereupon this Contract shall be deemed to be rescinded and all rights, duties, liabilities and obligations of each of the Parties to the other shall terminate.
Speed. (a) The Contract Price shall not be affected or changed by reason of the speed, as determined by trial run in accordance with the Specifications, being less than three-tenths (3/10) of one (1) knot below the Guaranteed Speed of the VESSEL specified and required under Paragraph 3(b) of Article I of this Contract (hereinafter called the “Guaranteed Speed”).
Speed. Prices change over time. The frequency with which they change varies with different financial instruments and market conditions. Considering that the tradable prices which are distributed via the Company’s trading platform/terminal, technology used by the client to communicate with the Company plays a crucial role. For instance, the use of a wireless connection, or dial up connection, or any other communication link that can cause a poor internet connection can cause unstable connectivity to the Company’s trading platform/terminal. The result for the client is that his orders may be placed with a delay which in turn may cause these orders to be denied execution or the client to be provided with a price which includes minor deviation from the market price offered by the Company via its platform/terminal. In general, the Company seeks to provide high speed of execution to its clients within the limitations of technology and communication links.
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