Living Quarters Sample Clauses

Living Quarters. Chief Engineers (and Assistant Engineers and other employees for whom it has been negotiated or who are otherwise being so provided, whether or not they are exclusive service janitors) shall be provided living quarters, rent free, with all such services as are customarily provided a tenant in the premises as part of such tenant's rent, including air conditioning. Such apartment shall be heated at the expense of the Employer and shall be decorated at least once every two (2) years at the expense of the Employer. In the event, however, that decorating services are not provided to tenants, such employees shall be provided with the necessary paint and other materials required to decorate the apartment and reasonable time off within which to perform that work. In any event, however, the apartment shall be decorated at the expense of the Employer when such employee is replaced by another such employee in the building. No Employer shall be required to furnish the employee more than one (1) apartment as living quarters but such apartment shall include one (1) bedroom if there is such an apartment in the building and shall be in good and habitable condition. No employee shall be required to post a security deposit for an apartment. No Employer shall be required to furnish living quarters for any Helper or other classification of employees or for relief janitors. It is expressly agreed, however, that the cost or value of any living quarters, decorating or any other tenant services provided in accordance with this Agreement shall not be considered or included as part of the wages paid to any employee covered by this Agreement, but shall be deemed only to be in addition to such wages, and for the convenience of the Employer. Nor shall the value of the living quarters be deemed, in whole or in any part, as an offset against overtime or any other pay which may otherwise be due to an employee. An employee who is provided an apartment under the provisions of this Agreement may be required to sign a lease if the Employer requests the employee to execute such lease. However, such lease shall become operational and binding only on the effective date when the employee's right to occupy the apartment as an employee expires. Upon termination of the employee's rights to continue the occupancy of the apartment, whether such termination of the employee's occupancy rights have been effectuated by discharge for just cause by the Employer or voluntary termination of employment by the...
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Living Quarters. Living quarters are not provided, however, double occupancy on-call rooms are available for overnight accommodations when Resident is on-call.
Living Quarters. Xxxxxx will provide safe, quiet and private sleeping facilities for on call Trainees.
Living Quarters. Xxxxxx will provide safe, quiet and private sleeping facilities for on call Residents.
Living Quarters. The Employer agrees to provide adequate cooking and living facilities at all its full time stations.
Living Quarters. Not provided. On-call rooms are provided for trainees required to remain in-house overnight by the training program in which trainee is enrolled.
Living Quarters. The SYSTEM shall provide an on-call room for non-exclusive use by the RESIDENT for nights of scheduled duty in the SYSTEM. No other living quarters shall be provided.
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Living Quarters. MHS does not provide or arrange for living quarters for Trainees. However, MHS shall provide sleeping accommodations (“on call rooms”) for Xxxxxxx’s use while he/she is on call.
Living Quarters. New residents shall be eligible to receive up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) for moving expenses upon the submittal of receipts for such moving expenses. This benefit is provided in lieu of the County's "Employee Relocation/Moving Allowance" policy program.
Living Quarters. The Medical Center has limited living quarters on the campus. To ensure equitable distribution of housing units amongst clinical services, a certain number of apartments are designated to these services exclusively. Therefore, contact should be made with your department’s assigned housing coordinator for any information pertaining to the availability of these units. The Westchester Medical Center Housing Office is located in the Xxxxxx Pavilion, room C-121. For information or assistance on housing, excluding availability; call 000-0000, weekdays during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Below are the rental costs projected for July 2015: Single (Studio) $572.77 per month 1 Bedroom $747.62 per month 2 Bedroom $908.35 per month LAB COATS All House Staff members are provided three (3) Lab Coats for use while they are employed at Westchester Medical Center. The Lab Coats are the property of Westchester Medical Center (WMC) and must be returned when the House Officer leaves the employment of WMC. Lab Coats are distributed through the lab coat machine located in Macy Pavilion, 2nd floor. At the beginning of the training, each house staff member is given an access code for the machine, which will dispense one (1) coat at a time. If the lab coats become stained or torn, the House Staff member should go to the machine, enter their access code put the soiled lab coat in the machine and choose a new one. ATTACHMENT F – Counseling, Medical, Psychological and Other Support Services WESTCHESTER COUNTY HEALTH CARE CORPORATION Resident Agreement EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The Employee Assistance Program, (EAP), offered through Aetna Resources for Living, is available at no cost to all full-time and part-time employees and their dependents, even if the employee has waived health insurance coverage. By calling 000-000-0000, a confidential toll free number, you and your dependants have access to a wide variety of services in areas such as wellness, relationship issues, substance abuse, child and elder care, legal and financial counseling, identity theft and credit restoration. This service is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. More information can be found on their wesbite, User ID is Westchester Medical Center, password is EAP. In addition to the Employee Assistance Program, access to evaluation, counseling and treatment services outside WMC is available via the WMC Department of Psychiatry (914-493-1701) and/or the GME Office (914-...
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