Measurement Period Sample Clauses

Measurement Period. (b) In this Agreement, unless the contrary intention appears, a reference to:
Measurement Period. An employee’s status as full-time or part-time shall be determined on the basis of the employee’s average weekly hours during the fifty- two-week measurement period ending on the date in October 2014 and in each succeeding year as specified by the Employer’s Corporate Benefits Department. No employee shall fail to be classified as full-time due to time spent on FMLA, or Military (USERRA) leave. Employees who have been employed for less than one year as of the measurement date shall be classified as full-time or part-time in accordance with the procedures used by the Employer to classify partial-year employees under the Standard Benefits Plans.
Measurement Period. The measurement period for determining Uptime Percentage is twelve (12) months beginning on the effective date of this Agreement and thereafter on the anniversary date of the effective date.
Measurement Period. The time period beginning with and including the first irrigation following the final harvest date of the most recent crop harvested prior to the Start Date of the Conservation Period and ends on the final harvest date of the last Crop Season started within the Term of this Agreement.
Measurement Period a. The Measurement Period is used to calculate the Seasonal ADWR and the Baseline for Crop Seasons that begin prior to or end after the Conservation Period.
Measurement Period. Any period of four consecutive fiscal quarters of the Borrower ending on or after December 31, 2004 for which financial statements have been delivered by the Borrower pursuant to §6.4.
Measurement Period. Measurement period is the time frame in which results will be accumulated for incentive calculation.
Measurement Period. (i) at any date of determination during a Reporting Trigger Period, the most recently completed twelve (12) fiscal month period of P&F and its Subsidiaries or (ii) at any other date of determination, the most recently completed four (4) Fiscal Quarter period of P&F and its Subsidiaries.
Measurement Period. A Measurement Period is triggered when the [*]. At the time a Measure Period is triggered, the Parties shall determine a fair reserve from the Guaranteed Fixed Payment as described in Section 8.1 above. By way of example, [*].