Sleeping accommodations definition

Sleeping accommodations means rooms whose primary use is for people to sleep including, but not limited to, dormitory and hotel or motel guest rooms or suites.
Sleeping accommodations means a room, space, or portion thereof, used primarily for sleeping purposes. “Smoke Alarm” means a single- or multiple-station alarm responsive to smoke.
Sleeping accommodations means beds, bunks, or cots, complete with an approved flame retardant and water repellant mattress, sheet or cloth mattress cover, and a blanket.

Examples of Sleeping accommodations in a sentence

  • Sleeping accommodations such as a cot, bed, or couch shall not be permitted within the food service area.

  • Sleeping accommodations required to comply with 9.3 shall have an alarm system complying with 4.28.

  • Sleeping accommodations for the crew shall be divided into rooms, no one of which shall berth more than four persons.

  • Sleeping accommodations may be provided on means of public transportation, provided that such transportation and sleeping accommodations are featured in approved tour literature.

  • Sleeping accommodations are available at the Kerr Conference Center for approximately 20 individuals in 10 large bedrooms and 4 rooms in the guest house.

  • Sleeping accommodations shall not be permitted within the food service area.

  • Sleeping accommodations for the total duration of the round, circle, single or open jaw trip, in hotels, motels (including commercially operated mobile/immobile caravan/ trailers), in commercially operated pensions or tents.

  • Sleeping accommodations are allowed only in conjunction with an approved bed and breakfast inn or country inn.

  • Sleeping accommodations will be provided when overnight travel is necessary.

  • Section 32.2 – Small Facilities (Sleeping accommodations for not more than six residents.

Related to Sleeping accommodations

  • Transient accommodation means a room, group of rooms, or

  • Housing accommodation or "Dwelling" means any building, mobile home or trailer, structure, or portion thereof which is occupied as, or designed, or intended for occupancy, as, a residence by one or more families, and any vacant land which is offered to sale or lease for the construction or location thereon of any such building, mobile home or trailer, structure, or portion thereof or any real property, as defined herein, used or intended to be used for any of the purposes set forth in this subsection.

  • Accommodations means the room or other space provided to transient guests for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping, including furnishings and other accessories, in a facility that is not a campground, hospital, nursing home, emergency shelter, or community mental health or community substance abuse treatment facility. Accommodations do not include food or beverages.

  • residential accommodation means accommodation which is provided in—

  • board and lodging accommodation means accommodation provided to a person or, if he is a member of a family, to him or any other member of his family, for a charge which is inclusive of the provision of that accommodation and at least some cooked or prepared meals which both are cooked or prepared (by a person other than the person to whom the accommodation is provided or a member of his family) and are consumed in that accommodation or associated premises;

  • Letter of Credit Accommodations means the letters of credit, merchandise purchase or other guaranties which are from time to time either (a) issued or opened by Lender for the account of Borrower or any Obligor or (b) with respect to which Lender has agreed to indemnify the issuer or guaranteed to the issuer the performance by Borrower of its obligations to such issuer.

  • Reasonable accommodation means necessary and appropriate modification and adjustments not imposing a disproportionate or undue burden, where needed in a particular case, to ensure to persons with disabilities the enjoyment or exercise on an equal basis with others of all human rights and fundamental freedoms;

  • accommodation unit in relation to any premises, means a building or section of a building occupied or used or intended for occupation or use for any purpose;

  • Accommodation Agreement means the agreement between the Student, the School, the Parents, which governs the Student’s accommodation arrangements. Act means the Education Act 1989. Agreement means this Agreement including any schedules. Application Form means the standard enrolment form which forms the cover page of this Agreement. Code means the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

  • Public accommodation means each and every place, establishment, or facility of whatever kind, nature, or class that caters or offers services, facilities, or goods for a fee or charge to nonmembers of any organization or association utilizing the place, establishment, or facility, provided that any place, establishment, or facility that caters or offers services, facilities, or goods to the nonmembers gratuitously shall be deemed a public accommodation if the accommodation receives governmental support or subsidy. Public accommodation shall not mean any bona fide private club or other place, establishment, or facility which is by its nature distinctly private, except when such distinctly private place, establishment, or facility caters or offers services, facilities, or goods to the nonmembers for fee or charge or gratuitously, it shall be deemed a public accommodation during such period. “Public accommodation” includes each state and local government unit or tax-supported district of whatever kind, nature, or class that offers services, facilities, benefits, grants or goods to the public, gratuitously or otherwise. This paragraph shall not be construed by negative implication or otherwise to restrict any part or portion of the pre-existing

  • Accommodation means hospital facilities covered under your applicable policy including meals, bed fees, theatre fees and treatment including nursing care.

  • Facility A means the term loan facility made available under this Agreement as described in paragraph (a) of Clause 2.1 (The Facilities).

  • Accommodation Payment as defined in Section 10.21(d).

  • Loan Proceeds means all amounts advanced as part of the Loan, whether advanced directly to Borrower or otherwise.

  • Line of Credit mean the credit facility described in the Section titled "LINE OF CREDIT" below.

  • Credit hour means 50 minutes of classroom instruction in

  • Credit Line as defined in Section 2.1.

  • Facility B means the term loan facility made available under this Agreement as described in paragraph (b) of Clause 2.1 (The Facilities).

  • Credit means the right granted by a creditor to a debtor to defer payment of debt or to incur debt and defer its payment.

  • Facility means the entire operation located on the property where the Equipment is located;

  • Credit Party Obligations means, without duplication, (a) all of the obligations of the Credit Parties to the Lenders (including the Issuing Lender) and the Administrative Agent, whenever arising, under this Credit Agreement, the Notes, or any of the other Credit Documents to which any Credit Party is a party and (b) all liabilities and obligations owing from such Credit Party to any Lender, or any Affiliate of a Lender, arising under Hedging Agreements.

  • Construction Loan Agreement means the Loan Agreement to be entered into by and between the Construction Lender and the Partnership, as amended.

  • Revolving Line of Credit means the Commitments of the Lenders to make Revolving Loans pursuant to Section 3 of this Financing Agreement and assist the Companies in opening Letters of Credit, Bankers Acceptances, Steamship Guarantees and Airway Releases pursuant to Section 5 of this Financing Agreement, in an aggregate amount equal to $250,000,000.

  • Total Extensions of Credit at any time, the aggregate amount of the Extensions of Credit of the Lenders outstanding at such time.

  • Extensions of Credit means, as to any Lender at any time, (a) an amount equal to the sum of (i) the aggregate principal amount of all Revolving Credit Loans made by such Lender then outstanding, (ii) such Lender’s Commitment Percentage of the L/C Obligations then outstanding and (iii) such Lender’s Commitment Percentage of the Swingline Loans then outstanding or (b) the making of any Loan or participation in any Swingline Loan or any Letter of Credit by such Lender, as the context requires.

  • Senior Credit Facilities means the Credit Facilities entered into as of the Measurement Date by and among the Issuer, Holdings III, the lenders party thereto in their capacities as lenders thereunder and Citibank, N.A., as Administrative Agent, including any guarantees, collateral documents, instruments and agreements executed in connection therewith, and any amendments, supplements, modifications, extensions, renewals, restatements, refundings or refinancings thereof and any indentures or credit facilities or commercial paper facilities with banks or other institutional lenders or investors that replace, refund or refinance any part of the loans, notes, other credit facilities or commitments thereunder, including any such replacement, refunding or refinancing facility or indenture that increases the amount borrowable thereunder or alters the maturity thereof (provided that such increase in borrowings is permitted under Section 4.09 hereof).