A SECURITY DEPOSIT. (i)The successful tenderer whose tender is accepted will have to pay towards the Security Deposit
A SECURITY DEPOSIT. (i)The successful tenderer whose tender is accepted will have to pay Rs. 100000 /-towards the Security Deposit
A SECURITY DEPOSIT. (i) The successful tenderer whose tender is accepted will have to pay Rs.278349/- towards the Security Deposit
A SECURITY DEPOSIT. (i)The successful tenderer whose tender is accepted will have to pay Rs 1,18,100/-towards the Security Deposit (ii) Rs 59,050/- is to be deposited in cash or bank guarantee of scheduled bank, F.D.R. of the scheduled bank / National Saving Certificate duly pledged in the name of the Executive Engineer,Public Works Division , Wardha towards the initial Security Deposit, valid within the time limit prescribed in clause 1 of B-1 Form, agreement till completion of defect liabilities period failing which his xxxxxxx money will be forfeited to Government. (iii) In addition to the above, an amount of Rs 59,050/- will be deducted from the running bills at 4 % of value of the xxxxx xxxx towards balance security deposit. This is a compulsory deduction.
A SECURITY DEPOSIT. (i) The successful tenderer whose tender is accepted will have to pay Rs. 48400/- towards the Security Deposit.
A SECURITY DEPOSIT. Rs.1, 50,000/-(Rupees One Lakh and Fifty Thousand only) will be collected from the successful tenderer. The Security deposit shall be deposited before start of the work.


  • Security Deposit Tenant shall deposit with Landlord upon the signing of this document the sum of $ (per unit, not per person) in one (1) check as a security deposit for the faithful performance and completion of all the terms and conditions herein stated in this agreement. Tenant agrees that no portion of the sum deposited shall be substitute for, or be in lieu of a rental installment due under this lease. Tenant further agrees that, without prejudice, to any of its remedies, Landlord shall have the right to apply a minimum of ten percent (10%) of such deposit to the extent reasonable necessary to repair damages caused by Tenant other than reasonable wear and tear (damaged windows/screens, damaged walls/floors/appliances, indentations and/or scratches on wood, or any or all other damages defacing of the premised, or any other expenses incurred by the Landlord because of Tenant’s tenancy). In addition, Landlord reserves the right to deduct security deposit for delinquent/unpaid rent, unpaid late fees, and service charges. Such deposit or balance, after deduction for the above mentioned items, shall be refunded within thirty (30) days of completion of the three (3) following events: (a) at the termination of this lease; (b) after the last Tenant delivers the above premises with all keys to Landlord; and (c) each Tenant provides Landlord with their new forwarding addresses and telephone numbers. Landlord shall provide Tenant with a written account of amounts of said security deposit deducted for rent or damages, if any. If the security deposit is insufficient to compensate Landlord for the damages caused during Tenant’s occupancy of the premises, Landlord shall give written notice to Tenant of the nature and amount of the deficiency. Tenant shall pay the full amount of the deficiency to Landlord within thirty (30) days of receipt of such notice, or financing/interest charges may apply at the current market rate.

  • Rent and Security Deposit (if applicable). Renter will pay the Town a rental fee of $ at the signing of this Rental Agreement. Renter will also pay the Town a security deposit of $ at the signing of this Rental Agreement.

  • Security Deposits The Owner hereby grants the Agent power to collect security deposits from the tenants on the Property. Returning said security deposit shall be the responsibility of the: (check one) ☐ - Agent for returning to vacating tenants. ☐ - Owner for returning to vacating tenants.

  • Additional Security Deposit No additional security deposit shall be required in connection with this Amendment.

  • Security Deposit Account If applicable law or a Lender requires a segregated account of Tenant security deposits, Property Manager will open a separate account at a reputable bank or other financial institution. Property Manager may return such deposits to any Tenant in the ordinary course of business in accordance with the terms of the applicable Lease.

  • Xxxxxxx Money Deposit (a) Within three (3) Business Days after the full execution and delivery of this Contract, Buyer shall deposit the sum of Three Hundred Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($300,000.00) in cash, certified bank check or by wire transfer of immediately available funds (the “Initial Deposit”) with the Title Company, as escrow agent (“Escrow Agent”), which sum shall be held by Escrow Agent as xxxxxxx money. If, pursuant to the provisions of Section 3.1 of this Contract, Buyer elects to terminate this Contract at any time prior to the expiration of the Review Period, then the Escrow Agent shall return the Xxxxxxx Money Deposit to Buyer promptly upon written notice to that effect from Buyer. If Buyer does not elect to terminate this Contract on or before the expiration of the Review Period, Buyer shall, prior to the expiration of the Review Period, deposit the Additional Deposit with the Escrow Agent. The Initial Deposit and the Additional Deposit, and all interest accrued thereon, shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Xxxxxxx Money Deposit.”

  • Cash Deposit No cash will be deposited into the certificate account on the closing date.

  • Additional Deposit For reasons of administration, the right is reserved to require payment by parents of an additional deposit (Additional Deposit), as shown on the fees list for the relevant year, in the case of a pupil whose normal residence is outside the United Kingdom. The Additional Deposit will be retained in the general funds of the School until the Pupil leaves and will be repaid by means of a credit without interest to the final payment of Fees or other sums due to the School on leaving, unless stated otherwise in these terms and conditions. See also clause 9.8.

  • Initial Deposit On the Closing Date, the Depositor will deposit, or cause to be deposited, the Required Reserve Amount in the Reserve Account according to Section 4.1 of the Exchange Note Sale Agreement.

  • Return of Security Deposit (a) We must return your security deposit and any accrued interest in the following circumstances: