Wages Paid Sample Clauses

Wages Paid. Wages paid shall be in accordance with Schedule 'A' attached hereto and forming part of this Agreement. The indication of a job and accompanying wage rate in the wage schedule shall not necessarily bind the Board to create or fill such position.
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Wages Paid. All MEMBERS of NWSA shall pay the appropriate wages and benefits designated by the AGENCY CONTRACT and/or the FEDERAL and/or STATE DEPARTMENTS OF LABOR, as may applicable. All MEMBERS of NWSA shall pay their employees in a timely manner.
Wages Paid. The ISP has paid and shall pay, as they become due, all accounts, expenses, wages, salaries, taxes, rates, fees and assessments required to be paid by it on any of its undertakings;
Wages Paid. Kwon acknowledges that he has been paid for all of his wages through the date of this Agreement.
Wages Paid 

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  • Taxes Paid Each Borrower has paid all taxes applicable to, or imposed on or in relation to that Borrower, its business or the Ship owned by it.

  • No Additional Fees/Payment Other than the consideration specifically referenced herein, the parties hereto agree that no fee, payment or additional consideration in any form has been or will be paid to the Holder in connection with this Agreement.

  • Fees Payable All fees and charges (other than interest charges) that are, or may become payable in connection with the Loan are set out in the Specific Terms.

  • Violation; liability for unpaid wages; liquidated damages In the event of any violation of the clause set forth in paragraph (1.) of this section, the contractor and any subcontractor responsible therefor shall be liable for the unpaid wages. In addition, such contractor and subcontractor shall be liable to the United States (in the case of work done under contract for the District of Columbia or a territory, to such District or to such territory), for liquidated damages. Such liquidated damages shall be computed with respect to each individual laborer or mechanic, including watchmen and guards, employed in violation of the clause set forth in paragraph (1.) of this section, in the sum of $10 for each calendar day on which such individual was required or permitted to work in excess of the standard workweek of forty hours without payment of the overtime wages required by the clause set forth in paragraph (1.) of this section.

  • Fees Payment Company will pay Vendor the Fees established by each Order in accordance with this Agreement. Except as otherwise specified in the Special Conditions or an Order: (i) all payment obligations are non- cancelable and Fees paid are non-refundable; and (ii) quantities of Solutions ordered cannot be cancelled or decreased during the relevant Subscription Term.

  • No Setoff or Deductions; Taxes; Payments The Guarantor represents and warrants that it is organized and resident in the United States of America. The Guarantor shall make all payments hereunder without setoff or counterclaim and free and clear of and without deduction for any taxes, levies, imposts, duties, charges, fees, deductions, withholdings, compulsory loans, restrictions or conditions of any nature now or hereafter imposed or levied by any jurisdiction or any political subdivision thereof or taxing or other authority therein unless the Guarantor is compelled by law to make such deduction or withholding (and provided that nothing contained herein, including without limitation, the foregoing, shall limit or affect the Guarantor’s ability to bring any separate action or claim available to it at law or in equity). If any such obligation (other than one arising with respect to taxes based on or measured by the income or profits of the respective Secured Parties) is imposed upon the Guarantor with respect to any amount payable by it hereunder, the Guarantor will pay to the Agent (for the benefit of the Secured Parties), on the date on which such amount is due and payable hereunder, such additional amount in U.S. dollars as shall be necessary to enable the Agent (on behalf of the Secured Parties) to receive the same net amount which the Agent would have received on such due date had no such obligation been imposed upon the Guarantor. The Guarantor will deliver promptly to the Agent (for the benefit of the Secured Parties) certificates or other valid vouchers for all taxes or other charges deducted from or paid with respect to payments made by the Guarantor hereunder. The obligations of the Guarantor under this paragraph shall survive the payment in full of the Guaranteed Obligations and termination of this Guaranty.

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  • Compensation; Fees; Indemnity The Depositor agrees:

  • Union Dues Deductions It shall be a condition of employment for all Nurses in the Bargaining Unit, that dues be deducted from their bi-weekly salary in the amount determined by the Union. The deductions for newly employed Nurses shall be in the first pay period of employment. The dues shall be submitted monthly to the Union together with a list of the Nurses from whom the deductions were made.

  • Union Dues Deduction The Company will deduct union dues from new employees who have worked a minimum of forty (40) hours.