Interconnections Sample Clauses

Interconnections a. The proposed plant would be interconnected via newly constructed pipelines to allow the final products to be delivered to the market. The proposed new cryogenic plant facility will consist of the following components: • One (1) Slug Catcher sized for 200 MMscfd total gas rate and 250 BBL liquid hold-up capacity. • Stabilization System (1 x 250 bbl) • Inlet Separation and Filtration • Amine Treating for CO2 Removal • TEG Dehydration for H2O Removal • Thermal Oxidizer • Molecular Sieve Dehydration • GSP (or similar) Cryogenic Gas Plant • Residue Compression • NGL Booster and Pipeline Pumps • Flare and closed drain system • Water Supply, Drain Systems, Waste Water • Utilities (fuel, instrument air, R.O. water) • Plant roads, fencing, and security camerasControl room/warehouse building EXHIBIT 4
Interconnections. Article 1 of the 1960 Agreement is hereby modified to read:
Interconnections. 1.01 The respective systems of the parties shall be interconnected at the interconnection points hereinbelow defined and as hereinafter provided for in this Article 1. In furtherance thereof, the parties shall own and provide the transmission facilities in their systems, i.e., transmission lines and essential terminal equipment, as described in the Facilities Schedule attached hereto as Appendix II and made a part of this agreement. The interconnections to be so provided shall be at the points hereinbelow set forth; viz.: (Reference to any line, station, or substation in this Article 1 is consistent with the designation for any such line, station, or substation set forth in the Facilities Schedule.)
Interconnections. Service furnished by Willxxxx xxx be connected with the services or facilities of other carriers. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, SBCS shall be responsible, ****, for all charges billed by other carriers in connection with the use of Service. Any special equipment or facilities necessary to achieve compatibility between carriers are the sole responsibility of SBCS, except as may otherwise be specifically provided in this Agreement or subject of the Master Alliance Agreement.
Interconnections. Contractor shall provide the following interconnections. Points will be located as shown on the Site Interconnection Drawing in Exhibit B, Attachment I. Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating interconnection design and construction as required for proper tie-in suitable to Owner and affected parties. The Contractor is responsible for determining actual distances required. o Natural Gas - Provide a tie-in to the Transco pipeline at the southern portion of the site.
Interconnections. Without limiting Supplier’s other obligations hereunder, at Kraft’s request, Supplier shall connect new Eligible Recipients and Authorized Users to the Kraft voice and data networks and systems as soon as practicable. If Supplier determines that the Systems used by such new Eligible Recipients or Authorized Users are incompatible in any material respect with the Kraft Standards or any other requirements for interconnection with the Kraft voice and data networks and systems, Supplier shall promptly notify Kraft prior to proceeding with such connection. Kraft shall have the right to require that Supplier proceed with the interconnection notwithstanding Supplier’s concerns regarding incompatibility. Supplier’s failure to meet the Service Levels or its other obligations shall be excused if and to the extent such failure is attributable to the connection of such new Eligible Recipients and Authorized Users to the Kraft voice and data networks and systems upon Kraft’s authorization, and despite Supplier’s notice that such connection may cause such failure as a result of the reported technical incompatibility.
Interconnections. PathNet may create up to four (4) interconnections per LATA. Two of such interconnections shall be to other segments of the PathNet network created from facilities of other parties. The two additional interconnections shall be to publicly switched telephone networks (PSTN). At each interconnection Facility, PathNet may place up to two (2) additional antennas at PathNet's cost, but solely for such interconnection purposes. Those interconnections may be by microwave or other media. PathNet's interconnection rights shall not be construed as a grant of rights-of-way to PathNet along any pipeline and PathNet must obtain its own rights-of-way to reach any Facility. PathNet has the right to co-locate the equipment necessary to support such interconnections, pursuant to Schedule E, attached hereto. If spurs are developed by PathNet, the interconnections at such spurs shall be specified on Schedule S, approved by Texaco, and paid for by PathNet. Conversely, if spurs are to be developed by Texaco at its own costs for its own connectivity purposes, interconnections at such spurs shall be specified on Schedule S, and paid for by Texaco. Coordination with PathNet will be as specified in Section 1.3.9.
Interconnections. No TW Company will connect Customer Equipment to equipment or wiring or other property of any person or entity other than such TW Company. No TW Company will connect Customer Equipment to other Customer Equipment in a Licensed Space except where such TW Company uses Intra-rack Cabling to connect Customer Equipment within a rack in a single Licensed Space. AOL will have no obligation to connect Customer Equipment to equipment or wiring or other property of any person or entity other than AOL, and as to AOL only to the extent expressly set forth in, and under the terms and conditions of, the Agreement.
Interconnections. Contractor shall construct the interconnections between the Facility and the interconnection facilities of (a) the electric transmission provider, (b) the gas transporter, (c) the water supplier and (d) the water discharge system, all as set forth in Exhibit A.
Interconnections. Tenant acknowledges and agrees that all interconnections between the systems of Tenant and those of other tenants of the Datacenter, and all cross-connects between the systems of Tenant and those of carriers and other telecommunications service providers in the Building, must be made in the POP Rooms.