Transmission Facilities Sample Clauses

Transmission Facilities. The NTO owns certain transmission facilities over which the ISO will have day-to-day operational control to maintain these facilities in a reliable state, as defined by the Reliability Rules and all other applicable reliability rules, standards and criteria, and in accordance with the ISO Tariffs, ISO Related Agreements and ISO Procedures (“ISO Operational Control”). These NTO facilities shall be classified as “NTO Transmission Facilities Under ISO Operational Control,” and are listed in Appendix A-1 of this Agreement. The NTO also will be responsible for providing notification to the ISO with respect to actions related to certain other transmission facilities. These facilities shall be classified as “NTO Transmission Facilities Requiring ISO Notification,” and are listed in Appendix A-2 of this Agreement. Transmission facilities may be added to, or deleted from, the lists of facilities provided in Appendices A-1 and A-2 herein by mutual written agreement of the ISO and the NTO owning and controlling such facilities. Currently listed facilities will be posted on the ISO’s OASIS.
Transmission Facilities. Transmission Facilities shall have the meaning set forth in the Operating Agreement.
Transmission Facilities. Transmission facilities for the conveyance of services, such as power lines, cables, and pipelines, shall be located outside of the shoreline area where feasible and when necessarily located within the shoreline area shall assure no net loss of shoreline ecological functions.
Transmission Facilities. Those facilities that are defined as “transmission facilities” by FERC for purposes of the open access requirements of Section 210 and 211 of the Federal Power Act or any facilities which would be so defined if the Member were subject to FERC jurisdiction.
Transmission Facilities. Except as set forth on Schedule 4.01(d), such PTO has listed on one of Schedule 2.01(a) or Schedule 2.01(b), all of the transmission facilities with a voltage level of 69 kV or greater that it owns in the New England Control Area as of the Operations Date and all of the transmission facilities leased to it with a voltage level of 69 kV or greater in the New England Control Area as of the Operations Date.
Transmission Facilities. Transmission Facilities shall mean facilities that: (i) are within the PJM Region; (ii) meet the definition of transmission facilities pursuant to FERC’s Uniform System of Accounts or have been classified as transmission facilities in a ruling by FERC addressing such facilities; and (iii) have been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Office of the Interconnection to be integrated with the PJM Region transmission system and integrated into the planning and operation of the PJM Region to serve all of the power and transmission customers within the PJM Region.
Transmission Facilities. Contractor shall coordinate with the Transmission Owner with respect to the implementation and timely completion of activities to be conducted under the Interconnection Agreement, including inspection and start-up of the Contractor Transmission Facilities. Contractor shall give Owner no less than 30 days prior initial Notice that Contractor is ready for energization and backfeed power. Contractor shall coordinate the supply thereof. Contractor shall coordinate and arrange for any requirements for access to the Project by the Transmission Owner or its designees as required by the Interconnection Agreement. Contractor shall cooperate with Owner, and cooperate and coordinate with the Transmission Owner and their respective designees in order to provide for the timely completion of the Contractor Transmission Facilities connection with these interconnection activities.
Transmission Facilities. As to any PTO, the transmission facilities over which the ISO shall exercise Operating Authority in accordance with the terms set forth herein shall be:
Transmission Facilities. Each Company shall make its transmission facilities in the SPP available to the Transmission System Operator.
Transmission Facilities. DLC will sell, assign, convey, transfer and deliver to FE (i) the transmission facilities necessary and appropriate to permit the delivery of power from the Beaver Valley Power Station and the Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Power Station to the FE transmission system, and (ii) any substation and related facilities as are necessary to meet Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements for the safe and reliable operation of the Beaver Valley Power Station, provided that arrangements are made for continued use by DLC of such substation facilities as are necessary for the integration and operation of its system. The purchase price for the DLC facilities so transferred shall be equal to the net book costs of such facilities at the closing date of such transaction. 11.