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Exhibit 4. [FORM OF OFFICER'S CERTIFICATE OF THE SELLER] Salomon Brothers Mortgage Securities VII, Inc. Floating Rate Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 1999-AQ1 CERTIFICATE OF AMERIQUEST SECURITIES L.L.C. Reference is made to the sale of mortgage loans (the "Mortgage Loans") by Ameriquest Mortgage Company (the "Seller") to Ameriquest Securities L.L.C. (the "Ameriquest L.L.C.") pursuant to a Mortgage Loan Sale and Contribution Agreement (the "Sale and Contribution Agreement"), dated March __, 1999, between Ameriquest and the Ameriquest L.L.C. (the "Purchase Agreement"), the transfer of the Mortgage Loans by the Ameriquest L.L.C. to Salomon Brothers Mortgage Securities VII, Inc. (the "Depositor") pursuant to a Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement, dated March __, 1999 (the "Purchase Agreement") and the simultaneous issuance of Floating Rate Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 1999-AQ1, Class A, Class M-1, Class M-2, Class M-3, Class CE, Class P, Class R-I, Class R-II and Class R-III (the "Certificates"), pursuant to a Pooling and Servicing Agreement, dated as of March 1, 1999 (the "Pooling and Servicing Agreement") among the Depositor as depositor, Ameriquest as master servicer (in such capacity, the "Master Servicer") and Norwest Bank Minnesota, National Association as trustee (the "Trustee"). In consideration for its purchase of the Mortgage Loans, the Depositor will deliver to Ameriquest Securities L.L.C. the Class CE, Class P, Class R-I, Class R-II and Class R-III Certificates. The Depositor will sell the Class A, Class M-1, Class M-2 and Class M-3 Certificates to Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Inc. (the "Underwriter") for offer and sale pursuant to the terms of an Underwriting Agreement, dated March __, 1999 (the "Underwriting Agreement"), between the Depositor and the Underwriter. The Mortgage Loan Sale and Contribution Agreement, the Purchase Agreement, the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and the Underwriting Agreement together, are hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Agreements". Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreements. The undersigned is a duly appointed ______________ of Ameriquest L.L.C. and hereby certifies after reasonable investigation that:
Exhibit 4. Director’s Rule: Impound Contract Administrative Fees (0000000000va2through5.doc) Exhibit 5 – Contractor Claims for Payment, Administrative Fees, and Statistical Reporting (0000000000va2through5.doc) Exhibit 6Fees Payable by Claimant (000001426v6&7.xls) Exhibit 7 – Fees Payable by City (000001426va6&7.xls)
Exhibit 4. Calculation of Realized Loss/Gain Form 332 Prepared by: __________________ Date: _______________ Phone: ______________________ Email Address:_____________________ ----------------------- ---------------------- -------------------------- Servicer Loan No. Servicer Name Servicer Address ----------------------- ---------------------- -------------------------- WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. Loan No._____________________________ Xxxrower's Name: ________________________________________________ Property Address: _______________________________________________

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  • All payments under this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement shall be made by wire-transfer in accordance with the wire-transfer instructions on Exhibit 4.

  • As part of the certification and at least annually afterwards, contractors must be advised of the provisions of IRCs 7431, 7213, and 7213A (see Exhibit 4, Sanctions for Unauthorized Disclosure, and Exhibit 5, Civil Damages for Unauthorized Disclosure).

  • All Offerors must complete Exhibit 4, Minimum Insurance Requirements and return with their proposal.

  • B-13 PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION OF BIDS Each Bidder shall copy the proposal form (Exhibit 4) on his own letterhead, indicate his bid prices thereon in proper spaces, for the Base Bid and for alternates on which he bids.

  • Public facilities impacts are detailed in the table in Exhibit 4.

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Exhibit 4. Eligible Activities as defined: 24 CFR 570.201-.206 Eligible Activity: Source Acquisition of Real Property 570.201(a) Counseling – Homeowner & Tenant 570.201(e), 570.201(n), 570.201(k) Homeownership Assistance 570.201(n) Public Facilities and Improvements 570.201(c) Renovation of Closed Buildings 570.202(e) Housing Services/HOME Program Support 570.201(k), 570.206(h)(i)(2) Acquisition/Disposition of Property for Housing 570.201(a),(b) Acquisition for Rehabilitation 570.202(b)(1) Rehabilitation 570.202 Rehab – Loan Guarantee 570.202(b) Rehab – Subsidies/Reduction of Lead-Based Paint 570.202(f) Reconstruction Will be codified under 570.202 Construction 570.204 Match-XXX Homeownership Assistance 570.201(g,) 570.201(n) Fair Housing 570.201(e), 570.206(c) Tornado Safe Shelters 570.201(c), 570.202 Homeownership Activities carried out by Community-Based Development Organizations 570.204(c), 570.201(e) Site Preparation (Public Improvements and Clearance) 570.201(c)(d) Ineligible Activities In general, activities that are not specifically identified as eligible are considered by HUD to be ineligible. The following activities are specifically identified by HUD as activities that are not eligible for CDBG funding.
Exhibit 4. Respondent's Response to Prosecuting Counsel's Motion for Summary Decision, filed July 26, 2006, with the following exhibit attached:
Exhibit 4. ACADEMIC AND ORGANIZATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY PLAN Pursuant to Article III of this Contract, the Academic and Organizational Accountability Plan constitutes the agreed-upon academic, financial, and organizational and governance requirements (“Requirements”) that the GOVERNING AUTHORITY and SPONSOR will use to evaluate the performance of the Community School during the term of this Contract. Each of these Requirements may be considered by the SPONSOR to gauge success throughout the term of this Contract. To be considered for contract renewal, the GOVERNING AUTHORITY is expected to have “achieved” the standard as specified herein, which is the SPONSOR’s minimum expectation for the school, in all primary academic indicators, all financial indicators, and all primary operations/governance indicators. Secondary indicators (for both academics and operations/governance) will be considered as well, but primary indicators will factor more heavily into decisions about renewal or non-renewal, as well as about probation, suspension, and termination. An inability to achieve minor elements of the standards may not prevent consideration of contract renewal, based on the totality of the circumstances, which will be subject to the SPONSOR’s sole and complete discretion. Primary Academic Indicators Exceeds the Standard Meets the Standard Does Not Meet the Standard Falls Far Below the Standard Performance Index (PI)17 90% or higher 80%–89% 70%–79% 69% and below Value Added18 +4.00 and above 0 to 3.9 −0.99 to −3.9 −4.0 and below Graduation Rate (4 years) 93%–100% 84%–92% 79%–83% Below 79% Graduation Rate (5 years) 95%–100% 85%–94% 80%–84% 80% and below K–3 Literacy Improvement B or better C D F Performance versus Local Market:19 PI Ranked in top 20th percentile in PI score Ranked in 70th–79th percentile in PI score Ranked in 50th–69th percentile in PI score Ranked in bottom 49th percentile in PI score Performance versus Local Market: VA Ranked in top 20th percentile in VAM score Ranked in 70th–79th percentile in Ranked in 50th–69th percentile in Ranked in bottom 49th percentile in VAM score 17 The PI percentage is calculated as follows: school’s PI score divided by 120 (the highest possible PI score).
Exhibit 4 means the Confidentiality Agreement referenced in Section 1.E of this Agreement.
Exhibit 4 and incorporated herein by reference. All renovations shall be subject to the terms of the Master Lease and prior approval of the Master Landlord will be required. Sublessee agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of Paragraph 9 of the Master Lease with regards to all alterations it may make.
Exhibit 4. Language Learning Product Lines Exhibit 5: Summary of Assets Exhibit 6: Escrow Agreement UNITED STATES: Merisel Navarre GT Interactive Ingrxx TechData CANADA: Ingrxx Merisel LATIN AMERICA: MSD - Brazil Funny Life - Mexico CD ROM Show - Argentina SOUTH AFRICA: Siltek EUROPE: ARES - Spain GTI - Spain GEM - UK IOPI - Italy Buhl - Germany Innelec - France Sybex - France Thali - Switzerland PF1 - Xxxxxx XxxxXxxxxxx - Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx - Xxxxxx ASIA: Modern - India Acer - Singapore Softchina - Taiwan, P.R.C. Winning Run - Japan Jarrir - Saudi Arabia IMSI Easy Language 25 World in 1 IMSI Easy Language Deluxe Suite IMSI Easy Language Conversational Skills IMSI Easy Language 17 in 1 Easy Language 3.0 Easy Language Spanish Easy Language 6 in 1 IMSI Easy Language 35 (this product is still under development) EASY LANGUAGE 35 WORLD LANGUAGES - (PRODUCT UNDER DEVELOPMENT) - Current development status of all and any Source and Object Code - Any unique development tools created by of for IMSI EASY LANGUAGE DELUXE SUITE - - Source and Object Code - Registered user database - Press clippings - Artwork - Sell Sheet - Box - CD Label EASY LANGUAGE 25 WORLD LANGUAGES - - Source and Object Code - Registered user database - Press clippings - Artwork - Dictionary Cover - Sell Sheet - CD Label - Jewel Case Cover - Box EASY LANGUAGE 17 IN 1 - - Source and Object Code - Registered user database - Press clipping - Artwork - Box - Dictionary Cover - Jewel Case Cover - Sell Sheet - CD label - Shelf Talker EASY LANGUAGE CONVERSATIONAL - - Source and Object Code - Registered user database - Press clipping - Artwork - Box - CD Label - Jewel Case Cover - Manual Cover - Sell Sheet EASY LANGUAGE 6 IN 1 - - Source and Object Code EASY LANGUAGE SPANISH - - Source and Object Code - Artwork - Box - Jewel Case cover - CD Label NON-PRODUCT SPECIFIC ASSETS - - Voice Direct registered user database - 20,000 images from Masterclips - "Easy Language" Trademark - "Easy Language" Copyright
Exhibit 4. SMS Exhibit 5: Voice Value-added Service Exhibit 6: WAP Services Exhibit 7: U-Mail Exhibit 8: BREW Exhibit 9: JAVA Exhibit 10: U-Map Based on SMS Platform Exhibit 11: U-Map Based on WAP Platform Exhibit 12: U-Map Based on BREW Platform Exhibit 13: U-Map Based on JAVA Platform Exhibit 14: Mobile Stock Trading based on Securities E-commerce Platform Exhibit 15: Power of Attorney and Signature Stamp of Authorized Representatives