Gas plant definition

Gas plant means all facilities including all real estate, fixtures and property owned, controlled, operated or managed by a gas utility for the production, storage, transmission and distribution of gas and heat.
Gas plant means all facilities owned by a gas utility for the production, storage, transmission, and distribution of gas.
Gas plant means any valve, regulator, plant, pipe, equipment or apparatus used for, or for purposes connected with, the production, processing, conveyance, storage or shipping of gas;

Examples of Gas plant in a sentence

  • In Finima, the community was relocated for the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (NLG).

  • Minor amounts of associated liquid hydrocarbons known as condensates will also be recovered at the Waitsia Gas Plant (WGP).

  • Gas plant costs are estimated using the August 2022 Global Gas Plant Tracker database.

  • The covenants in a) and b) will apply 18 months after the completion of the construction of Phase 1 of the Virginia Gas Plant.

  • Gas Plant Expansions Likely To Be Fuelled With Taxpayer FundsExecutive SummarySnowy Hydro, the Australian federal government owned hydr-oelectric power scheme, hasannouncedbold ambitions to expand its fossil ga-sfired powergeneration facilities.

More Definitions of Gas plant

Gas plant means processing equipment for produced gas to separate, recover, and make useful natural gas liquids (condensate, natural gasoline [e.g., pentenes], and liquefied petroleum gas, etc.), to separate, remove, and dispose of other non-hydrocarbon substances, such as water, sulfur, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc., and to produce utility-grade gas suitable for delivery and sale.
Gas plant means any plant, apparatus or machine for generating gas (including any container holding compressed, dissolved or liquified gas under pressure) connected to a system of appliances or points and includes all pipes and appliances for storing the gas, or for conveying or regulating the flow of the gas to the places where it is to be used, but excludes any plant, apparatus, machine, pipes or appliances used solely in connection with a single private dwelling-house;
Gas plant means a plant for treatment, conditioning, synthesizing, refining, processing, separation or conversion of natural gas;
Gas plant means an installation for generating, cleaning, storing and compressing gas in cylinders or containers;
Gas plant means Buyer/Processor's Roggen natural gas processing plant (excluding fractionation facilities) located in the SW1/4 of Section 24, Township 2 North, Range 63 West, Weld County, Colorado, as well as those processing facilities which may be added or deleted (including the Roggen plant) by Buyer/Processor in its sole discretion from time to time for the efficient operation of any of the Facilities. Buyer/Processor, in its sole discretion from time to time for the efficient administration of the Facilities, may perform allocations under this Agreement on a single processing facility basis or on a pooled basis among any or all of the processing facilities constituting the Gas Plant.
Gas plant means a system or arrangement of pressure vessels, piping and other equipment designed to process gas from a well or battery or to recover gas products; (« usine à gaz »)
Gas plant means a facility for processing transportable petroleum by any process, including absorption, adsorption and refrigeration, designed to recover residue gas or gas plant products.