Interconnection Sample Clauses

Interconnection. 2.1 This section applies to linking with suppliers providing public telecommunications transport networks or services in order to allow the users of one supplier to communicate with users of another supplier and to access services provided by another supplier, where specific commitments are undertaken.
Interconnection dispute settlement A service supplier requesting interconnection with a major supplier will have recourse, either:
Interconnection. 1. Each Party shall ensure suppliers of public telecommunications networks or services in its territory provide, directly or indirectly, interconnection with the suppliers of public telecommunications networks or services of the other Party.
Interconnection. The Franchisee shall design its Cable System so that it may be interconnected with other cable systems in the Franchise Area. Interconnection of systems may be made by direct cable connection, microwave link, satellite, or other appropriate methods.
Interconnection. General Terms and Conditions 1. Each Party shall ensure that a major supplier is required to provide interconnection at any technically feasible point in the network. Such interconnection is provided: (a) under non-discriminatory terms, conditions, including technical standards and specifications, and rates, and of a quality no less favorable than that provided for its own like services, for like services of non-affiliated service suppliers, or for like services of its subsidiaries or other affiliates; (b) in a timely manner, on terms and conditions, including technical standards and specifications, and at cost-oriented rates, that are transparent, reasonable, having regard to economic feasibility, and sufficiently unbundled so that the supplier need not pay for network components or facilities that it does not require for the service to be provided; and (c) upon request, at points in addition to the network termination points offered to the majority of users, subject to charges that reflect the cost of construction of necessary additional facilities. Public Availability of the Procedures for Interconnection Negotiations 2. Each Party shall make publicly available the applicable procedures for interconnection negotiations with a major supplier in its territory. Transparency of Interconnection Arrangements 3. Each Party shall ensure that a major supplier in its territory makes publicly available either its interconnection agreements or a reference interconnection offer.
Interconnection. Every Interconnection and service provided by CenturyLink, whether direct or indirect, shall be subject to all rates, terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, which are legitimately related to such Interconnection or service, including rates set forth in this Article, as in applicable Tariffs, or as specified by the Interconnection terms.
Interconnection. 16.21.1 Upon request by CLEC, CBT will permit the interconnection of ducts or conduits owned by CLEC in CBT manholes.
Interconnection. Seller shall be responsible for the costs and expenses associated with interconnection of the Facility at its Nameplate Capacity Rating at the Point of Delivery. Seller shall have no claims hereunder against PacifiCorp, acting in its merchant function capacity, with respect to any requirements imposed by or damages caused by (or allegedly caused by) acts or omissions of the Transmission Provider or Interconnection Provider, in connection with the Generation Interconnection Agreement or otherwise.
Interconnection for the MPB arrangement shall occur at the BA access tandems in the LATA, unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties.