Newly constructed definition

Newly constructed means an improvement to real
Newly constructed means a rental unit created after June 30, 1980. For purposes of this definition, the date a unit was created is based upon the date of the first certificate of occupancy issued for the subject unit. However, in the event of the repeal or amendment of Civil Code Section 1954.52, such that "certificate of occupancy" is no longer the operative standard set forth under state law, the date a unit was created shall be determined by the final inspection approval by the City.
Newly constructed shall have the meaning set forth in ORS 100.185(3).

Examples of Newly constructed in a sentence

  • Bed Xxxx and Laboratory Block at Newly Constructed Emaergency operation Centre Danmasara, Dutse.

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Newly constructed and "new construction" means:
Newly constructed or "new construction" means and includes:
Newly constructed means a facility that is not yet operational, or that has been operational for less than 6 months.
Newly constructed means the habitable square footage of any primary residential unit that has not been previously occupied for any purpose, as set forth in Section 1107A, 14-N of the 2010 California Building Code, California Code of Regulations Title 24 Part 2, Volume 1 of 2. For the purposes of this Chapter, exceptions from this definition include accessory dwelling units, remodel or enlargement, or restoration of a dwelling unit which has been damaged or partially destroyed due to fire, flood, or earthquake.
Newly constructed means any project for which a construction
Newly constructed means any project for which a construction permit is issued subsequent to the effective date of regulations promulgated to effectuate P.L. , c. (C. ) (pending before the Legislature as this bill).
Newly constructed means improvements to real property which did not previously exist or the construction of a new improvement where an old improvement was removed. The term does not include the renovation, restoration, rehabilitation, modification, alteration, or expansion of build- ings already located on the parcel on which the eligible residential unit is built.