Gas Transporter definition

Gas Transporter means the licensed operator of the transportation network through which gas is transported to you;
Gas Transporter s Licence" means a licence granted or treated as granted under Section 7(2) of the Act;
Gas Transporter means a person holding a gas transporter’s licence issued, or deemed to issued, pursuant to section 7 of the Gas Act 1986;

Examples of Gas Transporter in a sentence

  • One Gas Transporter (GT) customer feels that we have not taken into full account the need for adherence to GT allowances within the regulated RIIO framework; and another GT customer thinks that the level of costs are in excess of their price control allowances.

  • GH also stressed the importance of marrying this modification to UNC 0842 - Gas Entry onto the Total system via an Independent Gas Transporter and in supporting new green gas producing facilities and the de-fossilisation of the gas grid.

  • This NTS Exit Capacity Release Methodology Statement (the “Statement”)1 describes the methodology that National Grid Gas plc (“National Grid”) in its role as holder of the Gas Transporter Licence in respect of the NTS2 (the “Licence”) employs for the release of all Exit Capacity, i.e. incremental and existing system Exit Capacity.

  • In the event that National Grid rejects, or accepts in part only, a DNO User’s request for NTS Exit (Flexibility) Capacity and this does not adequately satisfy the Gas Transporter Licence requirements of the DNO User then the DNO User may submit a revised application for Enduring Annual NTS Exit (Flat) Capacity as referred to in paragraph 77.

More Definitions of Gas Transporter

Gas Transporter means a person, other than the Gas Distributor, with which the Gas Distributor or a customer (or the Gas Vendor on a customer’s behalf) has contracted to transport gas from or to any point of acceptance;
Gas Transporter means a person holding a gas transporter’s licence;
Gas Transporter means the holder of a licence granted under section 7 of the Gas Act 1986(12);
Gas Transporter means each of the entities identified in [schedule 2 or schedule 3] as a service provider for a gas transportation pipeline identified in [schedule 2 or schedule 3 respectively, and their respective successors in that capacity or, in relation to a Pre-matched Trade, the service provider for the gas transportation pipeline agreed between the Trading Participants to the Pre-matched Trade.
Gas Transporter means the Gaslink Independent System Operator Limited (“Gaslink”) of Gasworks Road, Cork, the licensed operator of the gas transportation and distribution system network through which the gas is transported to the Supply Points;
Gas Transporter s licence” means a licence granted under section 7(3)(a);
Gas Transporter means a holder of a gas transporter licence granted (or treated as granted) under section 7(2) of the Gas Act, together with any successor or assignee thereof;