Interconnection Facilities definition

Interconnection Facilities means all the facilities installed, or to be installed, for the purpose of interconnecting the Facility to the System, including electrical transmission lines, upgrades, transformers and associated equipment, substations, relay and switching equipment, and safety equipment.
Interconnection Facilities means the Interconnection facilities described in Schedule A.
Interconnection Facilities means the facilities on Developer’s side of the Delivery Point for sending and metering the electrical output in accordance with this Agreement and which shall include, without limitation, all other transmission lines and associated equipment, transformers, relay and switching equipment and protective devices, safety equipment and, subject to Article 10, the Metering System required for supply of power as per the terms of this Agreement.

Examples of Interconnection Facilities in a sentence

The Interconnection Customer shall test and inspect its Small Generating Facility and Interconnection Facilities prior to interconnection.

The Interconnection Customer shall pay for the cost of the Interconnection Facilities itemized in Attachment 2 of this Agreement.

The allocation of responsibility for the design, installation, operation, maintenance and ownership of Interconnection Facilities shall be delineated in the Attachments to the Agreement.

Heartland Wind LGIA at Article 5.16 (“Interconnection Customer reserves the right, upon written notice to Transmission Provider and Transmission Owner, to suspend at any time all work by Transmission Owner associated with the construction and installation of Transmission Owner’s Interconnection Facilities and/or Network Upgrades required under this LGIA .

Each Party shall notify the other Party, first orally and then in writing, of the release of any hazardous substances, any asbestos or lead abatement activities, or any type of remediation activities related to the Small Generating Facilities or Interconnection Facilities, each of which may reasonably be expected to affect the other Party.

More Definitions of Interconnection Facilities

Interconnection Facilities means the electrical wires, switches and other equipment used to interconnect a generating facility to the electric system.
Interconnection Facilities means all facilities and equipment between the Facility and the Delivery Point, including any modification, additions or upgrades that are necessary to physically and electrically interconnect the Facility to the Transmission System or Distribution System.
Interconnection Facilities means all facilities presently in place or presently proposed to be installed, as identified in Exhibit A hereof, or facilities which are later installed, in order to interconnect the Electric Generating Facility to the Power Company Distribution System, including System Protection Facilities.
Interconnection Facilities means, collectively, all facilities identified in Exhibit A required to interconnect the systems of the Parties at the Points of Interconnection. Interconnection Facilities shall include the substation protection and control equipment.
Interconnection Facilities for DG Customers means all incremental Facilities required to interconnect the circuits of the DG Customer’s generating facilities to FortisAlberta’s Facilities, and all modifications to FortisAlberta Facilities required for interconnection which may include, without limitation, poles, lines, substations, service leads, and protective and metering equipment;
Interconnection Facilities means the interconnection facilities, control and protective devices and metering facilities required to connect the Facility with the Transmission System in accordance with the Interconnection Agreement.
Interconnection Facilities means the Utility's Interconnection Facilities and the Interconnection Customer's Interconnection Facilities. Collectively, Interconnection Facilities include all facilities and equipment between the Generating Facility and the Point of Common Coupling, including any modification, additions or upgrades that are necessary to physically and electrically interconnect the Generating Facility to the Utility's System. Interconnection Facilities are sole use facilities and shall not include Distribution Upgrades.