Interconnection Facilities definition

Interconnection Facilities means the Interconnection facilities described in Schedule A.
Interconnection Facilities means the facilities on Developer’s side of the Delivery Point for sending and metering the electrical output in accordance with this Agreement and which shall include, without limitation, all other transmission lines and associated equipment, transformers, relay and switching equipment and protective devices, safety equipment and, subject to Article 10, the Metering System required for supply of power as per the terms of this Agreement.

Examples of Interconnection Facilities in a sentence

  • The Solar Power Producer shall construct, operate and maintain the Project during the term of PPA at his cost and risk including the required Interconnection Facilities and in close co-ordination with STU/MSEDCL‟s feasibility.

  • All insurance shall be procured from insurance companies rated “A-” or better by AM Best and authorized to do business in a state or states in which the Interconnection Facilities are located.

  • The Solar Power Producer shall undertake at its own cost maintenance of the Interconnection Facilities as per the specifications and requirements of STU / MSEDCL, as notified to the Solar Power Producer, in accordance with Prudent Utility Practices.

  • Interconnection Customer may request a determination from the Transmission Provider whether any Interconnection Facilities or any Merchant Network Upgrades will be removed in the event of any termination of Interconnection Service to the Customer Facility within the following year.

  • Prior to energizing the Project for testing, the Interconnecting PTO or other entity shall test the Interconnecting PTO’s or other entity’s Transmission Interconnection Facilities, and the Approved Project Sponsor shall test the Project to ensure their safe and reliable operation.

More Definitions of Interconnection Facilities

Interconnection Facilities means all the facilities installed, or to be installed, for the purpose of interconnecting the Facility to the System, including electrical transmission lines, upgrades, transformers and associated equipment, substations, relay and switching equipment, and safety equipment.
Interconnection Facilities has the meaning set forth in the CAISO Tariff.
Interconnection Facilities means the facilities on SPG’s side of the Delivery Pointfor scheduling, transmitting and metering the electricaloutput in accordance with this Agreement and which shallinclude,withoutlimitation,allothertransmissionlinesan d associated equipment, transformers, relay andswitching equipment and protective devices, safetyequipment and RTU, Data Transfer and Acquisitionfacilities for transmitting data subject to Article 7, theMeteringSystemrequiredfor supplyofpowerasperthe termsofthisAgreement;
Interconnection Facilities in respect of the Power Producer shall mean all the facilities installed by the Power Producer to enable GUVNL to receive the Delivered Energy from the Project at the Delivery Point, including transformers, and associated equipment, relay and switching equipment, protective devices and safety equipment and transmission lines from the project to GETCO’s nearest sub-station.
Interconnection Facilities means the interconnection facilities, control and protective devices and metering facilities required to connect the Facility with the Transmission System in accordance with the Interconnection Agreement.
Interconnection Facilities means the Transmission Owner’s Interconnection Facilities and the Project Developer’s Interconnection Facilities. Collectively Interconnection Facilities include all facilities and equipment between the Generating Facility and the Point of Interconnection, including any modifications, additions, or upgrades that are necessary to physically and electrically interconnect the Generating Facility to the Transmission System. Interconnection Facilities are sole use facilities and shall not include Distribution Upgrades, Stand Alone Network Upgrades, or Network Upgrades.
Interconnection Facilities means the Interconnections described in Schedule A.