Project Costs Sample Clauses

Project Costs. Simultaneously with the execution of this Agreement, the Company shall disclose to the Department all of the Project Costs which the Company seeks to include for purposes of determining the limitation of the amount of the Credit pursuant to Section 5-30 of the Act and provide to the Department a Schedule of Project Costs in the form as attached hereto as Exhibit C.
Project Costs. A. If the Program shown on Attachment A is receiving federal-aid funds for the project, the LPA is allocated the funds through the MPO as written in their fiscally constrained TIP. Any adjustments (positive or negative) to the dollar amount listed in the TIP are hereby considered adjustments to the contract between the LPA and INDOT, as the MPO must maintain fiscal constraint for all projects listed. Federal funds made available to the LPA by INDOT will be used to pay % of the eligible Project costs. The maximum amount of federal-aid funds allocated to the Project is $ . OR
Project Costs. The Recipient agrees to pay any and all costs connected with the Project including, without limitation, any and all Project Costs. If the Project Funds are not sufficient to pay the Project Costs in full, the Recipient shall nonetheless complete the Project and pay that portion of the Project Costs in excess of available Project Funds, and shall not be entitled to any reimbursement therefor from the State Water Board.
Project Costs. Lessee shall be solely responsible for all costs associated with any development and/or construction completed by Lessee on the Premises.
Project Costs. The Project costs are true and accurate estimates of the costs necessary to complete the Improvements in a good and workmanlike manner according to the Plans and Specifications presented by Borrower to Lender, and Borrower shall take all steps necessary to prevent the actual cost of the Improvements from exceeding the Project costs.
Project Costs. 7.16.1 The A/E shall monitor Project cost accounting records on Work performed by the Contractor under unit costs, actual costs for labor and materials, or other appropriate basis. The A/E shall afford the Contracting Authority and Owner access to these records at all times.
Project Costs. A. This contract is just for the one (1) phase checked below: Preliminary Engineering or Right-of-Way or X Construction; Otherwise, this contract covers all phases.
Project Costs. The Project Sponsor and the Department acknowledge that the actual Project costs have not been determined as of the effective date of this Agreement. Project cost adjustments may be made as a result of mutually agreed upon Project changes. Capitalized Interest will be recalculated based on actual dates and amounts of Loan disbursements. If the Project Sponsor receives other governmental financial assistance for this Project, the costs funded by such other governmental assistance will not be financed by this Loan. The Department shall establish the final Project costs after its final inspection of the Project records. Changes in Project costs may also occur as a result of an audit. The Project Sponsor agrees to the following estimates of Project costs: CATEGORY PROJECT COSTS ($) System Acquisition 5,000,000 Capitalized Interest 5,900 TOTAL (Loan Principal Amount) 5,005,900
Project Costs. A. Costs Generally Each Party shall bear its own direct and indirect costs and expenses, including internal costs and expenses, incurred in connection with the Project, the Development Process, and the performance of such Party’s obligations under the Agreement. No Party shall be entitled to reimbursement of any costs and expenses incurred in connection with the Project, except for reimbursement in accordance with the terms of the Agreement for Prior Costs, Deferred Costs, and Development Costs.
Project Costs. Project Costs shall mean all costs incurred by the Owner and CM in planning, constructing and equipping the PROJECT, in accordance with the Project Plans and Specifications all of which Project Costs shall be paid by the Owner, all of which Project Costs shall be included within the GMP established by CM and are more specifically described in Exhibit B.