Inflation Sample Clauses

Inflation. 8.4.3 Sums spent by us on the Park and/or its facilities for the benefit of the owners of caravans.
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Inflation. Au10tix may, no more than once per Service Order Term and not to take effect until the completion of the first year of the Agreement, alter the level of fees by up to 2% above any increase over the previous 12 months in the Retail Price Index published by the Office for National Statistics of the State of Israel. Alterations of the fees under this clause require not less than 60 days' notice to the Customer.
Inflation. Increases in the cost of living or the cost of education may reduce or eliminate the purchasing power of your Account. Not a Direct Investment in Mutual Funds and Underlying Investment Risks Although money contributed to Accounts will be invested in Portfolios that hold mutual funds (among other types of investments), none of the Trust, the Program, or any of the Program’s Portfolios is itself a mutual fund, and an investment in the Program is not an investment in shares of any mutual fund. When you invest money in a Portfolio, you will receive Portfolio units. Your money will be used to purchase shares of Underlying Investments. However, the settlement date for the Portfolio’s purchase of shares of an Underlying Investment typically will be one to three business days after the trade date for your purchase of Portfolio units. Depending on the amount of cash flow into or out of the Portfolio and whether the Underlying Investment is going up or down in value, this timing difference will likely cause the Portfolio’s performance either to trail or exceed the Underlying Investment’s performance. An investment in the Program is an investment in municipal fund securities that are issued and offered by the Trust. These securities are not registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) or any state, nor are the Trust, the Trustee, the Program, the Treasurer, or the Portfolios registered as investment companies with the SEC. The Portfolios invest in Underlying Investments so the Portfolio’s investment performance and risks are directly related to the performance and risks of the Underlying Investments. The Accounts will indirectly bear the expenses charged by the Underlying Investments. Each Portfolio Has Risks Each of the Portfolios is subject to certain risks that may affect Portfolio performance. Set forth below is a list of major risks applicable to the Portfolios. See “Exhibit B - Investment Portfolios and Underlying Investments”, “Exhibit C - Underlying Exchange Traded Fund Information” and the respective prospectuses of the underlying mutual funds and exchange-traded funds for a description of the risks associated with the Underlying Investments in which the Portfolios invest. Since each Portfolio is invested in mutual funds, separate accounts, or exchange-traded funds you will want to obtain each underlying fund’s prospectus and summary prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information that you ...
Inflation. Subject to the inflationary adjustment noted in this Section 7.2.2, the standard labor rates for Direct Fees and unit prices specified in a budget will remain fixed for the duration of a Project Addendum. In the event the Services in a Project Addendum extend beyond the year in which the Services were awarded, PPD will apply the inflation rates specified in each Project Addendum to the unit prices, and to the extent the Services are not captured in unit pricing, the inflation rates shall apply to the standard labor rates for Direct Fees. If a Project Addendum does not specify an inflation rate, PPD will apply inflation to the applicable unit prices, and to the extent the Services are not captured in unit pricing, inflation shall apply to the standard labor rates for Direct Fees, based upon the inflation forecast published in the Xxxxxx’x index for each region. [*] Confidential treatment requested; certain information omitted and filed separately with the SEC. PPD PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL
Inflation. Patheon may adjust the Price for inflation in accordance with Appendix 4.
Inflation. The increments of annual Net Sales tiers set forth in Sections 9.3.3(c) and 9.3.4(c) will be adjusted on a Calendar Year basis commencing January 1, 2002 (and on January 1 of each year thereafter during the term of this Agreement) by an amount equal to the percentage change, if any, in the CPI for the preceding year.
Inflation. NH may at its discretion, but no more than once in any calendar year, vary the recurring charges under this Agreement provided that the percentage increase shall be no greater than an amount equivalent to any increase in the Retail Prices Index (or any replacement index) published by the Government or competent authority at any time in the past twelve months plus two percent (2%). NH may vary the pricing under this clause across the entire contract or in respect of specific services, as long as it does not do so more than once every calendar year for each service.
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Inflation. For Security Amounts and/or Participant Liabilities calculations, the assumed inflation rate will be determined by reference to be the difference between the CANSIM V39602 bond rate and an unadjusted real return long-term bond rate of CANSIM V39057 (the “Inflation Differential”) subject to the following:
Inflation. 2.1 The professional fees shall be subject to an inflation increase on an annual basis.
Inflation. History has shown that over the long term, most stocks appreciate. Even if a company barely improves over time, inflation should drive its share price up somewhat. In fact, short selling may not be appropriate in times of inflation for that very reason, as prices may adjust upwards regardless of the value of the stock.
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