Underlying Assets definition

Underlying Assets. With respect to a Loan, any property or other assets designated and pledged as collateral to secure repayment of such Loan, including, without limitation, to the extent provided for in the relevant Underlying Instruments, a pledge of the stock, membership or other ownership interests in the related Obligor and all Proceeds from any sale or other disposition of such property or other assets.
Underlying Assets means the assets securing the Reference Obligation for the benefit of the holders of the Reference Obligation and which are expected to generate the cashflows required for the servicing and repayment (in whole or in part) of the Reference Obligation, or the assets to which a holder of such Reference Obligation is economically exposed where such exposure is created synthetically.
Underlying Assets means those bonds, notes, shares, securities, loans, contractual rights, derivative instruments and/or other assets described in the Issue Memorandum.

Examples of Underlying Assets in a sentence

  • The price, performance or investment return of the Underlying Asset(s) may be subject to sudden and large unpredictable changes over time and this degree of change is known as "volatility".

  • The investor will not be able to participate in the performance of the Underlying Asset(s) following the effective date of the Issuer call option.

  • Holders of Securitised Assets may have Low Credit Risk with Diversified Retail Base on Underlying Assets, especially when Securitised Assets are created by High Credit Rated Tranches.

  • Underlying Assets in Securitised Debt may be the Receivables from Auto Finance, Credit Cards, Home Loans or any such receipts.

  • Due to this leverage effect, such Securities will represent a very speculative and risky form of investment since any loss in the value of the Underlying Asset(s) carries the risk of a correspondingly higher loss.

More Definitions of Underlying Assets

Underlying Assets means (i) initially on the Issue Date, the cash issue proceeds of the Notes and (ii) following the Issue Date, either the Underlying Assets specified in (i) above or such assets as may be purchased by or on behalf of the Issuer in accordance with the Conditions in order to hedge its obligations under the Trade Documents.
Underlying Assets means the Initial Underlying Assets and any Eligible Investments substituted therefor.
Underlying Assets has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(a).
Underlying Assets shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.04(a).
Underlying Assets means ordinary shares of US$0.0001 each in AGL, which shall take into account any alteration of, or accretions to, those shares as a result of a consolidation, subdivision or reclassification and includes without limitation any share splits and bonus shares, or the number or fraction of American Depository Shares representing such ordinary shares.
Underlying Assets means the assets, including any Securities (including margin securities), that are the subject of the this Agreement;
Underlying Assets means, with respect to the corresponding Tracking Series, unless otherwise specified in the corresponding Certificate of Designation, the direct or indirect interest of the Corporation in the assets designated as Underlying Assets in the Certificate of Designation establishing such Tracking Series.