Definition of Term Interest

Term Interest means interest accruing on the unpaid principal balance of the Term Loan at the Term Interest Rate.

Examples of Term Interest in a sentence

During each Short-Term Interest Rate Period, each Bond shall bear interest during each Bond Interest Term for such Bond at the Bond Interest Term Rate for such Bond.
During Short-Term Interest Rate Periods or Weekly Interest Rate Periods, interest on the Bonds shall be computed on the basis of a 365- or 366-day year for the number of days actually elapsed based on the calendar year in which the Short-Term Interest Rate Period or Weekly Interest Rate Period commences.
At the time the Borrower so elects an adjustment to or continuation of a Long-Term Interest Rate Period, the Borrower may specify two or more consecutive Long-Term Interest Rate Periods and, if the Borrower so specifies, shall specify the duration of each such Long-Term Interest Rate Period as provided in this paragraph.
At any time, the Borrower, by written notice to the Issuer, the Bank, the Trustee, the Tender Agent and the Remarketing Agent may elect that the Bonds shall bear, or continue to bear, interest at a Long-Term Interest Rate, and if it shall so elect, shall determine the duration of the Long-Term Interest Rate Period during which the Bonds shall bear interest at such Long-Term Interest Rate.
The Trustee shall give notice by first class mail of an adjustment to a Weekly Interest Rate Period to the Owners of the Bonds not less than fifteen (15) days (thirty (30) days if the then current Interest Rate Period is a Long-Term Interest Rate Period) prior to the effective date of such Weekly Interest Rate Period.