Invoicing Sample Clauses

Invoicing. Except as may be prohibited by Applicable Laws, Supplier will implement an electronic invoicing process upon request by DXC and at Supplier’s sole expense, to submit invoices electronically to DXC or DXC’s third-party service provider in the electronic format specified by DXC or such third-party service provider. Supplier acknowledges and agrees that use of such process may entail disclosure of information to the service provider about the purchasing relationship between DXC and the Supplier, provided that such service provider is bound by DXC to confidentiality obligations as to Supplier’s information substantially similar to those provided under these terms. If Supplier fails to implement the electronic invoicing process within a reasonable time (not to exceed ninety (90) days) after DXC’s request, DXC may withhold payment on any invoice not received electronically until such time as Supplier submits the invoice electronically.
Invoicing. The contractor shall submit an itemized invoice showing the bid number and purchase request number when itemized in the invitation for bid. Invoices must be sent to "Invoice to" point shown on the purchase order.
Invoicing. Contractor and the dealers/distributors/resellers designated by the Contractor, if any, shall provide complete and accurate billing invoices to each Authorized User in order to receive payment. Billing invoices submitted to an Authorized User must contain all information required by the Contract and the State Comptroller or other appropriate fiscal officer. Submission of an invoice and payment thereof shall not preclude the Commissioner from requesting reimbursement or demanding a price adjustment in any case where the Product delivered is found to deviate from the terms and conditions of the Contract or where the billing was inaccurate. Contractor shall provide, upon request of the Commissioner, any and all information necessary to verify the accuracy of the xxxxxxxx. Such information shall be provided in a commercially reasonable manner as requested by the Commissioner. The Commissioner may direct the Contractor to provide the information to the State Comptroller or to any Authorized User of the Contract.
Invoicing. Payment will only be made upon completion and acceptance of the deliverables as defined in the applicable SOW Agreement. The Contractor shall submit invoices for payment upon acceptance of separately priced deliverables, or on a time and materials basis, as the case may be, following written acceptance from the Contracting Agency that the deliverable is complete. A copy of the notice(s) of acceptance shall accompany all invoices submitted for payment. Invoices shall be sent to the Contracting Agency at the address provided in the SOW Agreement.
Invoicing. (1) The Government will make payments to the Contractor when requested as work progresses, but (except for small business concerns) not more often than once every 2 weeks, in amounts determined to be allowable by the Contracting Officer in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) subpart 31.2 in effect on the date of this contract and the terms of this contract. The Contractor may submit to an authorized representative of the Contracting Officer, in such form and reasonable detail as the representative may require, an invoice or voucher supported by a statement of the claimed allowable cost for performing this contract.
Invoicing. When charges arise under this Agreement, the billing RTO shall submit an invoice to the other RTO within five (5) business days after the first day of the month indicating the net amount owed by that RTO for the previous month.
Invoicing. The Contractor may submit invoices for progress payments no more than once each month and no less than once each calendar quarter for Work performed during such period. Invoices shall be submitted electronically to NYSERDA’s online invoice system at: xxxxx:// or, if this project is managed through NYSERDA’s Salesforce application, via NYSERDA’s Salesforce Contractor Portal with the Contractor’s log-in credentials. If electronic submission is not possible, invoices may be addressed to NYSERDA, “Attention: Accounts Payable.” Such invoices shall reference the purchase order number, which will be generated and provided to the Contractor upon contract execution, and the Agreement number shown at Item 1 on page 1 of this Agreement. Invoices shall be inclusive of the total project costs incurred, delineated into NYSERDA’s Funding share and the Cost-Share and Other Co- funding share, if applicable, and they shall be in a format consistent with the cost categories set forth in the Budget. Invoices shall be itemized and provide reasonable documentation for the above to provide evidence of costs incurred. If a wage rate or billing rate is used, Contractor must certify on its invoice that such rate represents the lesser of: (i) the actual rate at the time the Work was performed, and (ii) the rate listed for each such employee listed in the Budget. NYSERDA may adjust amounts payable to correlate the proportion of NYSERDA’s funding share paid to the proportion of the Work completed. Proper final invoices must be paid by NYSERDA prior to the Expiration Date of the contract.
Invoicing. Subject to any applicable provisions set forth in Exhibit A, Statement of Work, at the completion of each Milestone Event, for projects not managed through NYSERDA’s Salesforce application, the Contractor shall submit invoices electronically to NYSERDA’s online invoice system at: xxxxx:// For projects managed through NYSERDA’s Salesforce application, the Contractor shall submit the identified deliverables, including documentation reasonably sufficient to demonstrate completion and evidence of the Contractor’s cost share, if applicable, and may request payment by NYSERDA of the amounts corresponding to the amounts indicated in Exhibit A, Statement of Work. The agreement number shown as Item 1 on page 1 of this Agreement, as well as the purchase order number, which will be generated and provided to the Contractor upon contract execution, should be referenced when submitting documentation of deliverables. Documentation shall be submitted electronically via email to the assigned Project Manager along with a statement “I hereby request that upon NYSERDA’s approval of these deliverable(s), payment of the corresponding milestone payment amount be made in accordance with NYSERDA’s Prompt Payment Policy, as detailed in the NYSERDA agreement” or, if this project is managed through NYSERDA’s Salesforce application, via NYSERDA’s Salesforce Contractor Portal with the Contractor’s log-in credentials.
Invoicing. 7.1. Contractor shall not perform any services without a Purchase Order or a Purchase Order Number. If Contractor performs services without a Purchase Order, CMHA shall not be required to pay Contractor for those services or materials.
Invoicing. Unless otherwise stated in the Special Provisions of the Contract, Contractor will submit invoices along with any supporting documentation within thirty (30) days following the last day of the month in which the expenditures were incurred or the services provided or within thirty (30) days of the delivery of the Good to the Department. The contract number shall be listed on all invoices, freight tickets, and correspondence relating to this Contract. The prices paid by the Department will be those prices listed in this Contract, unless Contractor offers a prompt payment discount on its invoice. The Department has the right to adjust or return any invoice reflecting incorrect pricing.