Earthquake Sample Clauses

Earthquake i) Landslide, including sinkhole collapse ADDITIONAL COVERAGES: We will also provide these additional coverages up to the amounts stated below. These additional coverages do not increase the amount of insurance. BURGLARY: 100% of the amount of insurance coverage for loss by burglary or holdup. The term “Burglary” shall mean the act of stealing property by forcible entry into the storage space described in the Rental Agreement; however, this coverage only applies when such storage space is securely locked at the time of the forcible entry. The mere absence of a lock will not constitute forcible entry. DEBRIS REMOVAL: 20% of the amount of your insurance under the Master Policy to cover the necessary expense incurred in the removal of debris from the property insured following an insured loss. TRANSIT: 100% of the amount of your insurance under the Master Policy for loss by fire or by the collision or overturn of a motor vehicle or trailer upon which covered property is being transported while such property is in transit to or from the storage space, provided the property is within 100 miles of the described storage facility. EXTRA RENTAL SPACE: 20% of the amount of your insurance under the Master Policy to cover the extra expense necessarily incurred by you for the rental of substitute storage when occupancy of the described storage space is prevented as a result of loss or damage to storage facility building by a peril insured against in this policy.
Earthquake. 3. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military power
Earthquake. 9. Flood, surface water, spray, waves, tides, tidal waves, ice or water-borne objects, all whether driven by wind or not, unless the loss or damage resulted from the escape of water from a public watermain, swimming pool or equipment attached
Earthquake when written as such;
Earthquake. Earthquake insurance in such amount as required by Lender, provided such insurance is available at commercially reasonable prices, but in no event shall the coverage be less than the full amount required by the “Probable Maximum Loss” or “PMLstudy for the Project.