HEALTH CONDITION. (It is not necessary to provide a full medical history. Education and care staff only need to know information relevant to the child or young person’s attendance, learning and emotional wellbeing in education and care settings.) (provide details) Complex needs and/or invasive health support Does the child / young person have complex care needs and/or require invasive health support? (e.g. gastrostomy, nasogastric, tracheostomy care, oxygen, catheter management, postural drainage) YES NO If yes, a referral to the Access Assistant Program (AAP) is required Access Assistant Program Flowchart Access Assistant Program Referral Provide details of complex or invasive health support needs:   First Aid
HEALTH CONDITION. (a) I am in good health condition and physically apt to participate in the event; (b) I do not suffer from any medical condition which not to allow my participation in the event; (c) I have consulted specialized medical professionals and I was allowed to participate in the event, I was not advised by a qualified medical professional not to participate in the event; (d) I understand and undertake full liability for my health condition and consequences of participating in the event. RISK UNDERTAKING: I understand that by participating in the event, there are certain dangers and risks of injury or damage, and I fully undertake the consequences and liability in case they occur, irrespective of the fact that they occur while walking, running or standing, during any part of the event, including, without limitation: serious body injury, permanent invalidity, paralysis and death; material loss or damage; exposure to extreme conditions and circumstances; accidents, illness, contract or collision with other participants, spectators, pedestrians, vehicles or other natural or man-made objects; dangers which result from unfavourable weather conditions; imperfect conditions for the race; water, dangers caused by street surface; gear defects; inadequate safety measures; participants of different levels; and other accidents or incidents which can cause injury or damages (“Risks”). I understand that such risks can be partially or fully caused by my own actions or inactions or by those of other participants in the event, organisers or exonerated Parties defined below, dependently or independently of their fault, and by signing this deed I undertake all such Risks and their consequences, including any other damage, liability, loss or cost or personal assets resulted from my participation in the event. EXONERATION FROM LIABILITY: by signing this deed, I exonerate from liability, waive any claims and undertake not to sue the Organisers, Sponsors or Partners of the event or the host town, organising local committees, owners of the locations where the event takes place or other people or public entities providing support for the Event, or any parent company, subsidiary or affiliate, officers, managers, partners, shareholders, agents, employees or volunteers (severally and jointly referred to as “Exonerated Parties” or “Event Organisers) of any kind and nature (“Liability”), from the use, presence or participation in the event that might occur, result or be related to the neglige...
HEALTH CONDITION. I certify that my child has no medical health conditions that would prevent or hinder my child’s participation in this Camp.
HEALTH CONDITION. (1) This guarantee does not apply to afflictions that are considered to be common in the breeds. These include, but are not limited to, cherry eye, entropion, "loose" hips, skin allergies, elongated soft palate and collapsed nostrils. (2) Any kind of parasites, bacteria or viruses and sicknesses which could be associated with the afflictions listed in section .
HEALTH CONDITION. If you are in poor health or impaired by medical conditions that could be worsened by the use of the Escape Emporium facilities, you will not be allowed to use our facilities as matter of precaution. You are also responsible for managing your own safety and if in doubt, should consult an Escape Emporium team member or medical professional.
HEALTH CONDITION. 7.1 If there is any change in our/my health condition between the day of the interviews and the day of departure to Lagos, we/I will inform the Co-ordinator/s immediately.
HEALTH CONDITION. Professional qualification :……


  • Termination Conditions Subject to Section 3(d), such license shall not be terminated or its exploitation enjoined, until and unless: (i) Opnext Japan has committed a material breach of its obligations under this IP License Agreement, Hitachi has given written notice of such breach to Opnext Japan and such breach remains uncured after sixty (60) days of receiving notice of such breach (the “Cure Period”), or, in the case of a breach that cannot be cured within such Cure Period, Opnext Japan has not instituted within such Cure Period steps necessary to remedy the default and/or thereafter has not diligently pursued the same to completion; or (ii) Opnext Japan has committed an incurable material breach. In the event the breach is a curable breach that cannot be cured within the Cure Period but with respect to which Opnext Japan has instituted steps necessary to remedy the default and is thereafter diligently pursuing such cure, both parties shall negotiate to determine whether further pursuit of such cure is reasonable. If the parties cannot agree on a resolution in such negotiations, then this issue shall be referred to arbitration pursuant to the arbitration procedures set forth in Exhibit B hereto to decide whether such breach can be cured or any other alternative remedy should be adopted. In the event the breach is an incurable breach, (i) the parties agree that the matter shall be referred to arbitration pursuant to the arbitration procedures set forth in Exhibit B hereto to determine the appropriate remedy, and (ii) Opnext Japan shall provide an on-going plan to address the prevention of such a breach occurring again reasonably acceptable to Hitachi within sixty (60) days of written notice of the breach and shall implement and comply with such plan within the time period set forth in such plan. In the event that either party submits the dispute to arbitration, both parties shall cooperate in such binding arbitration in accordance with Exhibit B.

  • SAFETY CONDITIONS 1.0 The responsibility for providing for safe working conditions that are in conformance with applicable law and which are within fiscal constraints shall be the District’s. Employees shall be responsible for complying with safety procedures and practices and for reporting any unsafe condition, facility, or equipment of which he/she is aware. The District shall be responsible for informing employees of necessary safety procedures and practices. There shall be no reprisal against an employee for reporting any real or potentially unsafe condition, facility, or equipment.

  • ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS The eligibility conditions specified in Adoption Agreement Section 2.01 are effective for Plan Years beginning after _______________________.

  • Change in Condition There occurs any event or a change in the condition or affairs, financial or otherwise, of Borrower which, in the reasonable opinion of Lender, impairs Lender's security or ability of Borrower to discharge its obligations hereunder or which impairs the rights of Lender in such Collateral.

  • Emergency Medical Condition A medical condition manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity (including severe pain) such that a prudent layperson, who possesses an average knowledge of health and medicine, could reasonably expect the absence of immediate medical attention to result in any of the following: (1) placing the health of the individual (or with respect to a pregnant woman, the health of the woman or her unborn child) in serious jeopardy; (2) serious impairment to body functions; or (3) serious dysfunction of any body organ or part.

  • Prior Conditions Satisfied All conditions set forth in §10 shall continue to be satisfied as of the date upon which any Loan is to be made or any Letter of Credit is to be issued.

  • Employment Condition The Participant must be employed by the Employer on the last day of the Plan Year, irrespective of whether he satisfies any Hours of Service condition under Option (d), with the following exceptions: (Choose (1) or at least one of (2) through (5))

  • SAFETY CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT A. The District and its employees shall be safety conscious in their conduct and actions and shall cooperate in the implementation of the District's safety program.

  • Test conditions 6.1.1. The test shall be performed on a flat, dry concrete or asphalt surface affording good adhesion.

  • Unsafe Conditions In accordance with 29 CFR § 1977, occasions might arise when an employee is confronted with a choice between not performing assigned tasks or subjecting himself/herself to serious injury or death arising from a hazardous condition at the workplace. If the employee, with no reasonable alternative, refuses in good faith to expose himself/herself to the dangerous condition, he/she would be protected against subsequent discrimination. The condition causing the employee's apprehension of death or injury must be of such a nature that a reasonable person, under the circumstances then confronting the employee, would conclude that there is a real danger of death or serious injury and that there is insufficient time, due to the urgency of the situation, to eliminate the danger by resorting to regular statutory enforcement channels. In addition, in such circumstances, the employee, where possible, must also have sought from his Employer, and been unable to obtain, a correction of the dangerous condition.