Medical history definition

Medical history means an account of a patient’s health, including past and present illnesses, diseases, or medical conditions.
Medical history means information regarding any:
Medical history means information on the individual’s client’s past and present general physical health, including the effect of substance abuse on the individual’s client’s health.

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  • Other sociodemographic and economic factors showed no signi- ficant differences among the three groups; NSA, SAS, and SAD, namely residence (including origin of birth whether rural or urban), socioeconomic class, marital status, orderTable 1 Medical history of patients with schizophrenia atdifferent categories of social anxietyItem SADECT, electroconvulsive therapy; NSA, no social anxiety; SAD, social anxiety disorder; SAS, social anxiety symptoms.P value is significant if < 0.05.

  • Please contact them at: Department of Human Services Pennsylvania Adoption Information RegistryP.O. Box 4379 Harrisburg, PA 17105-17111 Telephone: 1-800-227-0225 Medical history information forms may also be obtained locally by contacting one of the following agencies: 1.

  • Medical history, history of ocular surgery and procedures will also be summarized and listed.

More Definitions of Medical history

Medical history means the part of a patient’s clinical record consisting of an account of the patient’s health, includ- ing past and present illnesses or diseases.
Medical history means information regarding any of the following:
Medical history means history of and any treatment of allergies, head injuries, nervous disease/disorders, seizure disorder, or delirium tremens, surgery, major accidents, fractures, venereal diseases, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, gastrointestinal diseases or disorders, and gynecological-obstetrical history, including current involvement in prenatal care and current medical treatment by a Primary Care Physician or other medical doctor.
Medical history means information on the individual’s past and present general physical health, including the effect of substance use on the individual’s health.
Medical history means an account, based on information provided by a patient or the patient's representative, of the patient's past and present medical conditions.