Definition of Team Member

  1. Team Member means an employee of the Company.

Examples of Team Member in a sentence

  1. Neither Team Member shall take any action, or fail to take any required action, which prejudices the rights of the other Team Member in joint inventions, discoveries, or developments.
  2. Team Members and Senior Vice Presidents in the Gift Card Segment Each Team Member and Senior Vice Presidents in the Gift Card Segment will have (1) a Gift Card Segment Operating Income metric, (2) a Gift Card Segment Gross Profit metric and (3) a Gift Card Segment Net Revenues metric.
  3. I further understand that I can be terminated at any time, with or without cause, at the sole discretion of Family Dollar.This document should be returned to your Cartus Consultant.Team Member Signature: _______________________________Date: _______________Revised 1/1/14

Definition of Team Member in Separation and Release Agreement

Team Member means (i) a natural person whose services to AGM or its Affiliates are substantially dedicated to AGM's or its Affiliates' Credit Business, (ii) a natural person who, following the date hereof, becomes a Retired Partner and who, on or following the date hereof, held Points in his capacity as a Team Member, or (iii) a Related Party of any of the foregoing.