Team Member definition

Team Member means an individual who is allowed to access the Cloud Service but is only granted membership in groups associated with “Team Member” permissions for the Cloud Service.2
Team Member means a member of the European Border and Coast Guard standing corps deployed through a border management team to participate in an operational activity;
Team Member means a member of a Respondent. Team Members should be identified in Respondents’ submissions and not be changed without the consent of the Authority.

Examples of Team Member in a sentence

  • A team member may be represented in proceedings before the AIRC by a Team Member Representative instead of a legal practitioner.

  • Team and each Team Member will comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, rules, orders, and other requirements (including requirements for licenses, permits, certifications and approvals) of governmental authorities having jurisdiction over it or over the Event or Contest.

  • Upon the mutual execution of this Agreement, Amazon accepts Team Member to participate in the Challenge.

  • The wage rates payable to employees under this agreement, from the first full pay period to commence on or after the day of approval of this agreement will be as follows: Classification Current 01/05/07 4% 01/05/08 4% Team member in training $715.15 $743.76 $773.51 Team member $741.33 $770.98 $801.82 * Team Leaders transferring across will be “red circled” and remain on their current rate of pay until their existing base becomes equal with the Team Member rate of pay.

  • Amazon reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to eliminate any Team or individual Team Member(s) from the Challenge if the Team or Team Member poses a threat to the environment or the safety or health of self, teammates, participants, competitors, or attendees.

More Definitions of Team Member

Team Member is a term applied only at the MAC level. Team members are established for use in Task Order electronic proposal submissions. Team members are not legally binding, their inclusion at the MAC level is to set up electronic relationships for use as potential subcontractors in Task Order performance. Team members do not have to have a subcontract agreement with the Prime at time of Team member requests.
Team Member means an athlete or athletes selected to the Team as a Qualifying Team
Team Member means (x) a natural person whose services to AGM or its Affiliates are substantially dedicated to AGM’s or its Affiliates’ private equity business, (y) a natural person who, following the date hereof, becomes a Retired Partner and who, on or following the date hereof, held Points in his capacity as a Team Member, or (z) a Related Party of any of the foregoing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, none of the Founder Partners shall be considered a Team Member.
Team Member means any eligible student who is registered as a competitor on behalf of a Team.OFFICIAL RULE 1.0: ORGANIZATION OF THE COMPETITION 1.1 AdministrationThe Competition is presented annually by the International Law Students Association (ILSA), and is administered by the Executive Director of ILSA. The ILSA Executive Office is located at 701 13th Street NW (12th Floor), Washington, DC 20005, U.S.A., tel: +1 (202) 729-2470, fax: +1 (202) 639-9355, email: All materials developed by ILSA for the Competition, including, without limitation, the Official Rules and the Competition Problem, are the sole property of ILSA. These materials may not be reproduced for any purpose other than participation in or administration of the Competition without the express and prior written consent of the Executive Director. In addition, all Memorials become the sole property of ILSA, and may not be republished without its express consent. 1.2 Structure of the Competition
Team Member means a member of a Team.
Team Member. (abbreviation: “TM”) means an Authorized User who is not a User.
Team Member means, except as set out in Section 7.4 and FORM C-3 – Conflict Of Interest, Confidential Information & Litigation Declaration of Schedule C - Prequalification Submission Forms to this RFQ, an entity that is a member of the Proponent’s team, including a Prime Team Member.