Communicable Diseases Sample Clauses

Communicable Diseases. Upon recommendation of the Medical Officer of Health, all employees shall be required, on an annual basis to be vaccinated and or to take antiviral medication for influenza. If the costs of such medication are not covered by some other sources, the Employer will pay the cost for such medication. If the employee fails to take the required medication, she may be placed on an unpaid leave of absence during any influenza outbreak in the home until such time as the employee has been cleared by the public health or the employer to return to the work environment. The only exception to this would be employees for whom taking the medication will result in the employee being physically ill to the extent that she cannot attend work. Upon written direction from the employee’s physician of such medical condition in consultation with the Employer’s physician, (if requested), the employee will be permitted to access their sick bank, if any, during any outbreak period. If there is a dispute between the physicians, the employee will be placed on unpaid leave. If the employee gets sick as a reaction to the drug and applies for WSIB the Employer will not oppose the application. If an employee is pregnant and her physician believes the pregnancy could be in jeopardy as a result of the influenza inoculation and/or the antiviral medication she shall be eligible for sick leave in circumstances where she is not allowed to attend at work as a result of an outbreak.
Communicable Diseases. Employees will be provided with information on all communicable diseases to which they may have routine workplace exposure. Training provided to employees will include the symptoms of the diseases, modes of transmission, methods of self-protection, proper workplace procedures, special precautions, recommendations for immunization and any relevant regulations, guidelines and CDC recommended precautions. Employees who have any contact with blood and other body fluids will be offered Hepatitis B vaccinations and follow up testing and vaccination at the Employer's expense. Any screening of incoming clients, residents or inmates in health care facilities or residential or correctional institutions for communicable diseases will be performed according to relevant Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. If a resident or inmate is found to carry a communicable disease, all appropriate precautions will be taken. The Employer will comply with the latest CDC guidelines on post exposure treatment whenever an employee receives an exposure, while on duty, to potentially infectious blood borne or otherwise transmittable diseases, except for cases of employee misconduct or gross negligence. Employer arranged testing associated with such diseases will be paid by the Employer and will be done on work time.
Communicable Diseases. When a nurse is required by the Medical Center to be absent from all work because of exposure to a serious communicable disease, which likely occurred while on duty as determined by Employee Health, the Medical Center will pay the nurse at the nurse’s straight-time rate of pay for scheduled hours lost, for up to fourteen (14) days. This section will not be applicable when (a) the nurse is eligible for workers’ compensation or other disability insurance benefits for which the Medical Center has made contributions, or (b) the nurse, after having received actual or constructive notice in writing of this provision, has refused the Medical Center’s offer of timely vaccination in connection with such disease except for medical reasons. In the event of a potential epidemic, the Association and the Medical Center will meet to discuss guidelines for maintaining employee and patient safety and compensation for hours lost.
Communicable Diseases. (1) The parties to this Agreement share a desire to prevent acquisition and transmission of communicable diseases. Where employees may come into contact with a person and/or possessions of a person with a communicable disease, the Employer shall advise such employees that such person and/or possessions maybe so affected.
Communicable Diseases. A Committee comprising of two representatives appointed by the Association and two representatives appointed by the Board shall study the issue of communicable diseases and shall make recommendations to the parties regarding procedures to be used by members when dealing with persons suffering from, or suspected of suffering from, communicable diseases.
Communicable Diseases. Employees will be provided with information on all communicable diseases to which they may have routine workplace exposure. Training by a certified entity shall be provided, at least once a year, to educate employees in the area of recognition and prevention of such diseases and blood borne pathogens. The training shall be based on the standards established by OSHA.