Employee Assistance Sample Clauses

Employee Assistance. The EMPLOYER shall make available to employees covered by this AGREEMENT the Employee Assistance Program it establishes for County employees and shall provide employees covered by this AGREEMENT with the information distributed to County employees familiarizing them with the program.
Employee Assistance. Drug and alcohol counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance are available from or through the Employer’s employee assistance program provider(s) (E.A.P.).
Employee Assistance. A. The Board shall institute an EAP program which provides for mental health counseling, treatment for alcohol and drug abuse and treatment for stress-related illness. These services shall be available on a voluntary basis and without cost to the employee although, if voluntary, they may be funded in part by the employee’s health insurance benefits under 5.2 of this Agreement.
Employee Assistance. Employees with personal alcohol and drug abuse problems should request confidential assistance through local support agencies or, if applicable, Sodexo’s health insurance program or Sodexo’s Lifeworks program, (888) 267-8126. Employees who undergo voluntary counseling or treatment, and who continue to work, must meet all established standards of conduct and job performance including these Guidelines. While the mere voluntary request for assistance with an alcohol or drug abuse problem will not result in any constructive counseling, such requests will not prevent disciplinary action for violation of Sodexo’s Drug and Alcohol Use Policy and will not prevent termination for a positive result.
Employee Assistance. ‌‌ When a permanent employee’s work performance is adversely affected by behavioral health problems (e.g., drug, alcohol dependency and emotional problems) that may be correctable through treatment or counseling, the employee may request help in identifying local community resources which can provide professional assistance. Employees who seek assistance will not have their job security or promotional opportunity jeopardized by the request for assistance. If the employee’s work performance has not improved, and/or the employee fails to seek assistance, the employer may take progressive disciplinary action up to and including discharge.
Employee Assistance. (A) The City and the Association recognize the value of having referral, counseling and assistance programs available to those employees who have personal problems which may interfere with the efficient and productive performance of their job responsibilities and duties. The City and the Association will, endeavor to aid such employees who request assistance with personal problems by encouraging them to seek professional assistance if necessary.
Employee Assistance. The Employer and the members of the bargaining unit recognize that a wide range of personal difficulties/problems in the lives of employees may affect work performance and that most personal difficulties/problems can be successfully resolved provided they are identified and referred to an appropriate source of assistance. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided by the Employer to assist employees and their families in dealing with a wide range of personal difficulties/problems. This range of personal difficulties/problems may include mental, emotional, financial, family, marital, employment- related stress, drug abuse, alcoholism, legal, elder-care/aging, spiritual, career, illness/disability, or other such difficulties/problems. The purpose of the EAP shall be to help employees and their immediate family members deal with the kinds of difficulties and problems identified above by linking them with resources that can: provide appropriate help; reduce job performance problems; retain valued employees. When an employee or someone in the employee’s immediate family is experiencing a problem, whether or not such problem affects the employee's job performance, the employee and/or immediate family members are strongly encouraged to seek assistance through the EAP.
Employee Assistance. The University and the Association recognize that an Employee Assistance Program can be a valuable resource to both unit members and the University. The purpose of an Employee Assistance Program is to provide confidential, voluntary assistance to unit members and their families in dealing with personal problems which may have a detrimental effect on the employee’s job performance. Any services provided directly by a University Employee Assistance Program shall be at no charge to the unit member. Information obtained from an employee through the Employee Assistance Program shall be confidential and disclosed only in accordance with the law.