Reasonable Assistance Sample Clauses

Reasonable Assistance. Each Party (if it is not the Party enforcing or defending Licensor’s Patent Rights) shall provide reasonable assistance to the other Party, including providing access to relevant documents and other evidence and making its employees and consultants available, subject to the other Party’s reimbursement of any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred on an on-going basis by the non-enforcing or non-defending Party in providing such assistance.
Reasonable Assistance. The LFC will provide the Service Provider with such assistance as the Service Provider reasonably requires to comply with the conditions in clauses 2.2(a) and (c).
Reasonable Assistance. Each Party will provide the other Parties with on-going reasonable assistance with regard to technical, administrative and service-oriented issues relating to the Services.
Reasonable Assistance. Each party will:
Reasonable Assistance. Employee acknowledges the continuation of Employee’s obligations to assist Company pursuant to the Confidential Information Agreement. In addition, Employee acknowledges that Employee’s assistance may be required regarding certain ongoing dispute resolution and corporate matters of Company. To that end, Employee will execute, verify and deliver such documents and perform such other acts (including appearances as a witness) as the Company may reasonably request. Employee’s obligation to assist the Company under this Section shall continue beyond the Termination Date, provided that Company shall compensate Employee at a reasonable rate after the Termination Date for the time actually spent by Employee and fees incurred (including attorneysfees and costs) at the Company’s request on such assistance.
Reasonable Assistance. In anticipation of the expiration of this Lease as to any Leased Property, or upon any Early Termination Event as to any Leased Property, or the earlier dispossession of Tenant with respect to any Leased Property, Tenant shall cooperate with Landlord in all respects to facilitate and effectuate an Operational Transfer if Landlord elects to require an Operational Transfer. Such cooperation shall include, without limitation: (i) furnishing to Landlord or any prospective Successor Operator complete and accurate books, records, files, documents and information in Tenant’s possession, custody or control necessary or reasonably requested by Landlord or Successor Operator in connection with any Operational Transfer, the assessment and/or assumption of the operations of any Transition Property(ies) and/or the completion and processing of any applications for the assignment of the Assigned Authorizations or the Assigned Contracts or obtaining Transfer Authorizations; and (ii) facilitating the evaluation and employment by Landlord or any prospective Successor Operator of such employees of Tenant or its Affiliates (or any third party employment agency with whom Tenant or its Affiliates has an agreement pursuant to which such agency employs such parties) as Landlord or Successor Operator may elect to evaluate or employ, including, without limitation, to the extent permitted by law, affording Landlord or Successor Operator, as applicable, access to all relevant personnel files, records, documents and information in Tenant’s or its Affiliates’ possession, custody or control.
Reasonable Assistance. Executive will, during and after his employment, communicate to Employer any facts known to him regarding the Protected Works and, at Employer’s request, testify in any legal proceedings, sign all lawful papers, make all rightful oaths, execute and deliver all transfers, assignments, instruments and papers (including, without limitation, applications for registration, divisionals, continuations, continuations-in-part, foreign counterparts, or reissue applications) and take such further action as may be considered necessary by Employer to carry into full force and effect the assignment, transfer, and conveyance made or to be made of title to the Protected Works and all Intellectual Property Rights therein clearly and exclusively to Employer and to enforce and defend Employer’s rights therein.
Reasonable Assistance. ASSIGNOR shall take all reasonable steps to advise ASSIGNEE promptly of any infringement or apparent infringement as soon as it becomes known to ASSIGNOR and to provide information and other reasonable assistance in defense of such infringement, provide that ASSIGNEE shall reimburse ASSIGNOR for all out-of-pocket costs and expenses incurred in connection with such assistance. ASSIGNEE shall have sole authority to initiate and pursue legal proceedings, as it deems appropriate, for infringement of the Marks, and ASSIGNOR shall cooperate fully, at ASSIGNEE'S expense, with ASSIGNEE in respect of any such proceedings.
Reasonable Assistance. The Party not taking an Enforcement Action shall provide reasonable assistance to the other Party (or the other Party’s Affiliate or Permitted Transferee), including providing access to relevant documents (subject to confidentiality obligations and privilege) and other evidence and making its reasonably employees available, subject to the other Party’s (or the other Party’s Affiliate’s or Permitted Transferee’s) reimbursement of any Out-of-Pocket expenses incurred by the non-enforcing or non-defending Party in providing such assistance.