Wellness Programs Sample Clauses

Wellness Programs. 2. The Contractor must provide a range of health promotion and wellness information and activities for Enrollees in formats that meet the needs of all Enrollees. The Contractor shall:
Wellness Programs. Officers will be required to participate in mandatory wellness programs that would lead to healthier lifestyle choices. Classes will be held during normal working hours and attendance will be coordinated through the Police Department.
Wellness Programs. There may be a wellness committee comprised of three (3) administrators and one (1) employee chosen from and by the association to recommend to the Board wellness program activities for employees. Upon the Board's acceptance of the committee's recommendation, schedule adjustments of non-instructional time shall be allowed for participation in approved programs.
Wellness Programs. This component of the contract is focused on a review of existing wellness programs to gather evidence about their effectiveness. Based on this review, the Contractor will recommend wellness programs that the Exchange should encourage. The Contractor shall perform the scope of work as described below.
Wellness Programs. Effective as of the Separation Date, Snap Employees shall continue to be eligible to participate in the Quantum wellness programs, subject to Section 5.5 (a) of this Agreement. Effective as of the Distribution Date, Snap Employees shall not be eligible to participate in the Quantum wellness programs.