Data and Information Sample Clauses

Data and Information. To the knowledge of San Telmo, the data and information in respect of San Telmo, the Subsidiary and their respective assets, liabilities, business, operations and capital provided by San Telmo to Rolling Thunder was and is accurate and correct in all material respects as at the respective dates thereof and did not and do not now omit any data or information necessary to make any data or information provided not misleading in any material respects as at the respective dates thereof.
Data and Information. In furtherance of the authority contained in this Article 5, one or more of the Parties are authorized to obtain, compile, maintain, share, and exchange among themselves, or with one or more third parties, information related to any aspect of intermodal transport, equipment use, inland or marine terminals, operations, cargo throughput, transportation or traffic volumes, equipment use, and/or other information pertaining to matters authorized under this Article 5. Such information may include records, statistics, studies, compilations, projections, costs, data, and electronic or paper documents of any kind or nature whether prepared by a Party or the Parties or obtained from outside sources, relating to matters authorized by Article 5.
Data and Information a) You will supply us with all information we may reasonably request in writing concerning you and your use of the Trading Services. You and your Authorized Users will also provide and obtain any consents that we may reasonably request in connection with the provision of information to us by you or on your behalf. We may report information obtained under this paragraph 8(a) to regulatory authorities or to third party service providers, as we determine in our sole discretion to be necessary. You consent and agree to comply with any of our privacy policies and procedures that we provide.
Data and Information. Insofar as the performance of Merchant Services under this Agreement by VITAL requires data, documents, information or materials of any nature to be furnished, in whole or in part, by IPI or IPI's employees, agents or other representatives, or requires other services to be performed by IPI or IPI's employees, agents or other representatives, IPI hereby agrees to furnish or cause its employees, agents or other representatives, to furnish all such data, documents, information and materials, and to perform all such services within such time or times, and in such form or manner, as is necessary in order to enable VITAL to perform Merchant Services hereunder in a timely manner.
Data and Information. City shall make available to Designer all necessary data and information concerning the purpose and requirements of the Project, including scheduling and budget limitations, objectives, constraints and criteria. As part of the budget limitation information, the City shall provide the Designer with a preliminary construction budget (“City’s Preliminary Construction Budget”).
Data and Information. 3.1 Contractor shall only be obliged to carry out the assignment if Client has submitted all data and information requested by Contractor and/or all data and information which Client should reasonably understand are required by Contractor for the proper performance of the assignment, in time and in the form and in the manner specified by Contractor. Any additional costs that may arise as a result of the fact that Client has not submitted the required data or information, or has not submitted the required data or information in time or properly, will be for Client's account.