Day Month Sample Clauses

Day Month. Relativity to Per annum Per week Entry Level % Maintenance Tradesperson 100 $59519.20 $1144.60 Entry Level, Mechanical Maintenance Tradesperson Site Proficient, Mechanical 112.5 $66960.40 $1287.70 Maintenance Tradesperson Entry Level, Electrical 100 $64381.20 $1238.10 Maintenance Tradesperson Site Proficient, Electrical 112.5 $72394.40 $1392.20 STOREWORKERS' WAGES Effective 3 August 2006 36 HOUR WEEK/9 DAY FORTNIGHT Classification Title Relativity To Entry Level % Leader Margin Rate Code $pa Wage Rate $pw $ph Entry Level 100.00 0550 39,138 752.65 19.8066 casual 0545 45,987 23.2727 Level 1 102.50 0552 40,118 771.50 20.3026 casual 0546 47,139 23.8556 Level 2 105.50 0554 41,288 794.00 20.8947 casual 0547 48,513 24.5513 Level 3 112.50 0558 44,028 846.70 22.2816 casual 0549 51,733 26.1809 Lead Hand 0559 47,627 915.90 24.1026 Leader Xxxxxxx $pw Lead Hand 69.20 Section Leader 183.90 38 HOUR WEEK/19 DAY MONTH Classification Title Relativity To Entry Level % Leader Margin Rate Code Wage Rate $pw $ph Entry Level 100.00 0650 41,330 794.81 20.9161 Level 1 102.50 0652 42,364 814.70 21.4395 Level 2 105.50 0654 43,602 838.50 22.0658 Level 3 112.50 0658 46,498 894.20 23.5316 Lead Hand 0660 46,498 894.20 23.5316 Section Leader 0659 46,498 894.20 23.5316 Maintenance Trades Annualised Wages Effective 3 August 2006 These rates include the “400 hours overtime component” as detailed in Appendix A to this agreement.
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Day Month. Relativity to Per annum Per week Entry Level % Maintenance Tradesperson Entry Level, Mechanical 100 $61900.00 $1190.40 Maintenance Tradesperson Site Proficient, Mechanical 112.5 $69638.80 $1339.20 Maintenance Tradesperson 100 $66956.40 $1287.60 Entry Level, Electrical
Day Month. Employees who participate in the RDO system shall work eight (8) hours ordinary per day with the additional time in excess of 7 hours 36 minutes being aggregated for accrued leisure time which shall fall due after nineteen (19) working days Monday to Friday, subject to the conditions and limitations of this clause. An employee who works more or less than eight ordinary hours on any day shall accrue leisure time on a pro-rata basis. (eg. if an employee works five eight hour days in any week the employee would accrue twenty four (24) minutes per day leisure time). The day off shall be on an agreed roster basis. The payment for the day off will be on the basis of the appropriate hours being accrued for each day worked. For payment purposes “a day worked” shall include paid personal leave, paid public holidays, and annual leave, and other paid leave but shall not include, workers compensation, long service leave, unpaid personal leave or other unpaid leave. The company shall prepare a roster of days to be taken off as RDO’s which will always remain as notice of advice. Where practicable the company will accommodate requests from employees to take particular days as RDO’s to meet family responsibilities or other special requirements. The Company may elect not to roster RDO’s in any short week or to reduce the incidence of RDO’s. The Company, with the agreement of the relevant employee(s), may substitute the day an employee(s) is to take an RDO for another day in the case of a breakdown in machinery or shortage of work, or to meet the requirements of the Company or in the event of an emergency situation. An individual employee, with the agreement of the Company, may substitute the day the employee is to take an RDO for another day in that cycle. RDO’s may be accumulated (banked) up to a maximum of five (5) days in a twelve month period, to be taken at a later date. For the purposes of this clause, a twelve month period shall mean from the 1st January to 31st December in any calendar year. All accumulated time (banked) must be taken as time off or paid to employees at single time prior to 31st December each year. In the event of sickness occurring on pre-arranged RDO, no personal leave deductions will be made, however, the employee shall retain the paid RDO payment for that day. Overtime shall apply after eight (8) ordinary hours on any day or forty (40) hours in any week, when an employee is participating in the RDO system.
Day Month. Year shall mean the Day/Month/Year of a calendar year.
Day Month of ............year at .................. Dist........... , Gujarat. Between Shri/Smt. ......................., aged ........... years, residing at........................
Day Month a) A 19-day month will apply to all 2017 Award Stream A Award employees, however, with the agreement of Council a 2017 Award Stream A employee may elect on a voluntary basis to be excluded from this arrangement.
Day Month. A WFA may be agreed to provide for a nineteen (19) day month arrangement for a work team. The parties shall not enter into a Nineteen (19) Day Month WFA for a work team, unless an Agreed Majority of the group of relevant employees support the terms of the proposed WFA.
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Day Month. By mutual agreement in writing, made in advance between the employer and employees (work team), a 19 day month can be used to meet work requirements. In such cases, a 65% agreed majority of team members must be in favour of the arrangement and it must be approved by management and not be unreasonably withheld. New employees to the work team are required to work the arrangements that are in place at the time of their employment with Council. The procedure for this arrangement is attached at Annexure A - Workplace Flexibility Conditions.
Day Month. With the exception of: • employees working a 9 day fortnight work pattern and • members of the Senior Management Team all other full time employees are entitled to work a 19 day month work pattern.
Day Month. Notwithstanding clause 2.3.1, permanent Employees covered by this Agreement will work an average of 38.0 ordinary hours per week on the basis of 152 hours every four weeks arranged as follows: 19 days of 8 hours per day 1 rostered day off eg: Week 1 - 40 hours over 5 days Week 2 - 40 hours over 5 days Week 3 - 32 hours over 4 days plus 1 day off Week 4 - 40 hours over 5 days A roster of Employees will be established to ensure Employees' rostered day off (RDO) rotates through the days of the week and that the minimum possible number of Employees are on an RDO at the same time. eg: If there are 80 Employees, then there should only be 4 Employees on an RDO on any day. Issues associated with the operation of the 19 day month will be dealt with in accordance with Clause 6.2.
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