Provide for a definition

Provide for a means to peacefully resolve disputes concerning the application or interpretation of this AGREEMENT;

Examples of Provide for a in a sentence

  • Provide for a waiver of all rights of subrogation which the Insuring Interconnected Entity’s insurance carrier might exercise against the Insured Interconnection Party.

  • Provide for a five (5) minute maximum for each individual to offer public comment.

  • Provide for a three (3) minute maximum for each individual to offer public comment specifically related to agenda items only.

  • The words “endeavor to” and “but failure” (to end of sentence) are to be eliminated from the Notice of Cancellation provision on standard ACORD certificates.3. Provide for a waiver of subrogation against the City for injuries, including death, property damage, or any other loss to the extent the same is covered by the proceeds of insurance.4. Endorsement applicable to each policy provided.

  • Provide, for a reasonable charge, copies of any personal information the person is authorized to inspect.

  • Provide for a record keeping system that documents the monitoring of the critical control points.

  • Provide for a periodic inspection by the property owner for the purpose of documenting maintenance and repair needs and ensure compliance with the purpose and requirements of this ordinance.

  • Provide for a method of maintaining a written record of those persons authorized to perform standardized procedure functions.

  • Provide for a uniform method of determining and allocating operation and maintenance expenses of the joint facility.

  • Provide for a fine or other penalty or establish a rule or regulation for violation of which a fine or other penalty is imposed.

Related to Provide for a

  • Solicit means (A) requesting that a contribution be made, (B) participating in any fund-raising activities for a candidate committee, exploratory committee, political committee or party committee, including, but not limited to, forwarding tickets to potential contributors, receiving contributions for transmission to any such committee or bundling contributions, (C) serving as chairperson, treasurer or deputy treasurer of any such committee, or (D) establishing a political committee for the sole purpose of soliciting or receiving contributions for any committee. Solicit does not include: (i) making a contribution that is otherwise permitted by Chapter 155 of the Connecticut General Statutes; (ii) informing any person of a position taken by a candidate for public office or a public official, (iii) notifying the person of any activities of, or contact information for, any candidate for public office; or (iv) serving as a member in any party committee or as an officer of such committee that is not otherwise prohibited in this section.

  • Develop means to engage in Development.

  • Outreach Services has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.1(F)(5) hereof and Exhibit B hereto.

  • Initiate means, with respect to any Clinical Trial, dosing of the first human subject in such Clinical Trial.

  • Recruit means any full-time or part-time law enforcement

  • Disparage means making comments or statements to the press, the Company's or its subsidiaries' or affiliates' employees or any individual or entity with whom the Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates has a business relationship which would adversely affect in any manner (1) the business of the Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates (including any products or business plans or prospects), or (2) the business reputation of the Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates, or any of their products, or their past or present officers, directors or employees.

  • Employed by, or provide service to, the Company means employment or service as an employee or director of the Company.

  • Nominate “Nomination,” or “Nominated” shall mean an offer by Shipper to Carrier of a stated quantity of Product for transportation, from the specified Origin to the specified Destination pursuant to the terms of this Tariff (and/or any tariffs making reference hereto and incorporating this Tariff by reference therein).

  • The Service means any object of procurement other than works and goods.

  • Competitive when used in reference to any Loan or Borrowing, refers to whether such Loan, or the Loans constituting such Borrowing, are made pursuant to Section 2.04.

  • Licensed Nurse means an Oregon licensed practical or registered nurse.

  • the other party means, with respect to the Company, Parent and means, with respect to Parent, the Company.

  • Competitive Products or Services means, as of any time, those products or services of the type that any of the Bank Entities is providing, or is actively preparing to provide, to its customers.

  • Competitive Process means a formal sealed, electronic, or web-based bid procedure used for all nonclaims related purchases for goods and services over fifty thousand dollars. For purchases between five thousand dollars and fifty thousand dollars, competitive process means quotations obtained from at least three vendors by telephone or written quotations, or both, and supported by evidence of competition. Purchases up to five thousand dollars are exempt from competitive bids providing procurement is based on obtaining maximum quality at minimum cost.

  • Anti-competitive Practice means any collusion, bid rigging or anti-competitive arrangement, or any other practice coming under the purview of The Competition Act 2002, between two or more bidders, with or without the knowledge of the Purchaser, that may impair the transparency, fairness and the progress of the procurement process or to establish bid prices at artificial, non-competitive levels;

  • Advise means the act of sending an Advice from Broker.

  • Competitive Products shall include any product or service that directly or indirectly competes with, is substantially similar to, or serves as a reasonable substitute for, any product or service in research, development or design, or manufactured, produced, sold or distributed by the Company;

  • Engage means to make any arrangement, and "engagement" means arrangement, whereby an individual is employed or retained for compensation to act for or on behalf of an employer to influence executive agency decisions or to conduct any executive agency lobbying activity;

  • Respond or “Response” means any action taken pursuant to Environmental Laws to correct, remove, remediate, cleanup, prevent, mitigate, monitor, evaluate, investigate or assess the Release of a Hazardous Substance.

  • Attend , in respect of a net, means to be within 100 metres of the net.

  • Competitive contracting means the method described in sections 45 through 49 of P.L.1999, c.440 (C.18A:18A-4.1 through C.18A:18A-4.5) of contracting for specialized goods and services in which formal proposals are solicited from vendors; formal proposals are evaluated by the purchasing agent or counsel or School Business Administrator; and the Board awards a contract to a vendor or vendors from among the formal proposals received.

  • Commercialize means to engage in Commercialization.

  • The Service Provider means the organization or firm providing the services under this Contract.

  • Competitive Product means any surgical product or research to develop information useful in connection with a product or service that is being designed, developed, manufactured, marketed or sold by anyone other than the Company and is of the same general type, performs similar functions, or is used for the same purposes as a Company Product on which the Employee worked, dealt with, or marketed during the preceding two years of employment or about which he received or had knowledge of Confidential Information; provided, however, that the term “surgical product” shall not include non-invasive or percutaneous products; and

  • Licensed person means an individual who is licensed or otherwise legally authorized to practice a professional service by a court, department, board, commission, or agency of this state or another jurisdiction. The term includes an entity if either of the following is met:

  • Ability to Organize Full Abilities Limited Abilities Comments: Memory: Full Abilities Limited Abilities Comments: Social Interaction: Full Abilities Limited Abilities Comments: Communication: Full Abilities Limited Abilities Comments: Please identify the assessment tool(s) used to determine the above abilities (Examples: Lifting tests, grip strength tests, Anxiety Inventories, Self-Reporting, etc. Additional comments on Limitations (not able to do) and/or Restrictions (should/must not do) for all medical conditions: