The Counterparty definition

The Counterparty means Societe Generale.
The Counterparty. Not applicable.
The Counterparty means Barclays Bank plc.

Examples of The Counterparty in a sentence

  • The Counterparty shall notify its consent to or rejection of any such extension proposal in accordance with arrangements separately agreed from time to time between the Counterparty and the Calculation Agent.

  • The Counterparty was incorporated in England in 1986 and its registered address is 25 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4QA.

  • The Counterparty will apply an early encashment charge which will be calculated in a commercially reasonable manner which will depend on a number of prevailing factors and may include any costs reasonably incurred for breaking the funding arrangements entered into in relation to the Plan.

  • The Counterparty shall not allow its employees and third parties engaged by the Counterparty to smoke electronic cigarettes outside designated smoking areas.

  • The Counterparty will then execute this instruction within 1 Business Day.

More Definitions of The Counterparty

The Counterparty and/or "the client" means any (legal) person we address our offers to, as well as the party that addresses offers to us and the party that grants an assignment to us, i.e. the party we enter into an agreement with and also the party we have any legal relationship with, as well as its representative(s), authorised representative(s), assignee(s) and heir(s).
The Counterparty means Commerzbank AG.
The Counterparty means Citibank N.A.
The Counterparty means BNP Paribas.
The Counterparty. Not Applicable
The Counterparty means Goldman Sachs International.
The Counterparty means Barclays Capital.