Section 9.1 Sample Clauses

Section 9.1. Section 9.1(j) of the Credit Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:
Section 9.1. 13 The seniority of an employee within the bargaining unit shall be established as of the date on which the 14 employee began continuous daily employment (hereinafter "hire date") unless such seniority shall be 15 lost as hereinafter provided.
Section 9.1. 1. 42 Any employee covered by Worker’s Compensation and State Industrial Insurance, may at the 43 employee’s option, upon loss of time due to a job-related injury or illness, be paid sick leave in 44 the amount of the difference between his/her regular pay and compensation received from 45 Worker’s Compensation. Utilization of paid leaves shall be at the employee’s option and shall 46 only be implemented upon request of the employee. The full amount of sick leave shall be paid 47 for the first three (3) days. Should an employee later receive compensation from the Workers 48 Compensation for the first three (3) days of absence, the amount paid the employee shall be 1 credited to the District from monies due the employee in the next payroll period. That portion 2 of sick leave paid, as determined by the ratio of regular sick leave and State Industrial
Section 9.1. For purposes of the Agreement, Section 9.1 shall be deleted and replaced in its entirety with:
Section 9.1. 34 The School District shall provide Tort Insurance for all classified employees under School District 35 Liability Policy.
Section 9.1. 1 40 An employee may be released by the District at any time during the probationary period and 41 shall not have recourse to the grievance procedure. 42
Section 9.1. 27 The seniority of an employee within the bargaining unit shall be established as of the date on which the 28 employee began continuous daily employment (hereinafter “hire date”) unless such seniority shall be 29 lost as hereinafter provided. Employees hired prior to August 31, 2015, will be credited with 30 cumulative seniority for all continuous service in the bargaining unit between their hire date and 31 August 31, 2015. 33 Beginning September 1, 2015, employees will accumulate seniority within their classification based on 34 their cumulative service within that classification after September 1, 2015. This shall be defined as 35 their years of service within the classification multiplied by their contracted assignment’s ratio to full- 36 time service (based on an FTE of 1440 hours per year), up to an FTE of 1.0, unless such seniority shall 37 be lost as hereinafter provided. 39 Examples: 40 41 179 day employee * 6 hours = 1074 hours/1440 = .75 FTE 42 43 For a 180 day position: 2 hours = .25 FTE, 4 hours = .5 FTE, 6 hours = .75 FTE, 8 hours = 1.0 FTE. 44 45 Summer School, extended day, extra hours, supplemental, and temporary positions are not included in the 46 seniority calculation. Positions that are .1 FTE or smaller will not accrue Seniority in classification. 1 Adjustments to an employee’s FTE for reasons of taking unpaid leave will also be applied to an employee’s 2 seniority calculation. 4 Seniority credit will be added and calculated annually by the District as of July 31st and be published in 5 January and sent to the Association President or their designee.
Section 9.1. Whenever any employee covered by this Agreement is required to serve on a petit jury during his regular working hours, the Employer agrees to pay such employee the difference between what he is paid for serving on the jury and what he would have received from the Employer in straight-time pay had said jury duty not prevented him from being at work. On any scheduled work day, the employee shall promptly report to complete any remaining hours of his scheduled work day; provided, no employee shall be required to so report for work on any day on which he has served and been compensated by the court for at least eight (8) hours' jury duty, nor shall any employee who reports back to work under this Section be required to work more than ten (10) hours, less the number of hours for which he served and was compensated for jury duty by the court on that day. The Employer may require a statement from the court certifying attendance.
Section 9.1. 1. 39 Each employee shall accumulate one (1) hour of sick leave for each nineteen (19) hours or 40 portion thereof of regular employment up to a maximum of ninety-six (96) hour per school 41 budget year. When the calculated hours of sick leave entitlement results in a portion of an hour, 42 then the entitlement shall be rounded up to the half or whole hour, whichever is closest. Sick 43 leave shall be vested when earned and may accumulate to a maximum of one hundred eighty 44 (180) days. The District shall project the number of annual days of sick leave at the beginning 45 of the school year according to the estimated calendar months the employee is to work during 46 that year. The employee shall be entitled to the projected number of days of sick leave at the 47 beginning of the school year. 1 Sick leave benefits shall be paid on the basis of base hourly rate applicable to the employee's
Section 9.1. 2. 29 Absence caused by personal illness, injury, doctor/dental/optical appointments, poor health, 30 maternity/paternity, quarantine, or other disability is covered by the Sick Leave provisions.