Revisions Sample Clauses

Revisions. With respect to Contracts that are “electronic chattel paper”, the related Receivables have been established in a manner such that (a) all copies or revisions that add or change an identified assignee of the authoritative copy of each such Contract must be made with the participation of the Trust Collateral Agent and (b) all revisions of the authoritative copy of each such Contract are readily identifiable as an authorized or unauthorized revision.
Revisions. This contract is subject to revisions. Residential Life will notify residents of changes with two (2) days notice of the modification by means of a University email message and by posting the new information on the Residential Life web page (xxxxx://
Revisions. If Tenant requests any revision to the Approved Engineering Drawings, Landlord shall provide Tenant with notice approving or reasonably disapproving such revision, and, if Landlord approves such revision, Landlord shall have such revision made and delivered to Tenant, together with notice of any resulting change in the estimated total cost associated with the Tenant Improvement Work, within five (5) business days after the later of Landlord’s receipt of such request or the mutual execution and delivery of this Agreement if such revision is not material, and within such longer period of time as may be reasonably necessary (but not more than 10 business days after the later of such receipt or such execution and delivery) if such revision is material, whereupon Tenant, within one (1) business day, shall notify Landlord whether it desires to proceed with such revision. If Landlord has begun performing the Tenant Improvement Work, then, in the absence of such authorization, Landlord shall have the option to continue such performance disregarding such revision. Landlord shall not revise the Approved Engineering Drawings without Tenant’s consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or conditioned. Tenant shall approve, or reasonably disapprove (and state, with reasonable specificity, its reasons for disapproving), any revision to the Approved Engineering Drawings within two (2) business days after receiving Landlord’s request for approval thereof. Any change order affecting the Approved Engineering Drawings shall be deemed a revision to the Approved Engineering Drawings. Tenant shall reimburse Landlord, immediately upon demand, for any increase in the total cost associated with the Tenant Improvement Work that results from any revision to the Approved Engineering Drawings requested by Tenant, including the cost of preparing such revision.
Revisions. The Author shall retain the right to revise the Work between semesters or summer sessions during the term of this agreement in accordance with academic standards. The Author further agrees to update the Work within _____ days following receipt of a written request from the University. The provisions of this agreement shall apply to each revision of the Work by the Author as though that revision were the Work being published for the first time under this agreement. In the event that the Author is unable or unwilling to provide a revision within a reasonable time after the University has requested it, or should the Author be deceased, the University may have the revision made and charge the cost against sums due the Author under Section 5 above, if any, and may display, in the revised Work and in advertising, the name of the person or persons who perform the revision. The University shall not request a significant update or revision without providing the Author compensation or reassigned time in addition to that provided under this agreement.
Revisions. Any revision to the Letter of Agreement, excluding the Appendix and Annexes, requires the mutual written consent of the Letter of Agreement signatories or the successor to their position/roles and requires the LoA to be re-signed. Any revision to the Appendix and/or Annexes of the Letter of Agreement requires the mutual written consent of the designated representatives of the signatories but does not require the LoA to be re-signed.
Revisions. The CAISO and Participating TOs shall periodically review Appendix C, through the Transmission Maintenance Coordination Committee process, and in accordance with the provisions of Appendix C and this Agreement shall modify Appendix C as necessary.
Revisions. (a) Project Co will ensure that Submittals keep the same, unique reference number throughout the review process, and that all subsequent revisions of the same Submittal are identified by a sequential revision number. Correspondence related to such Submittal will reference the reference number and revision number.
Revisions. The parties hereto acknowledge that (A) the restrictions contained in Section 7 are fair and reasonable and are not the result of overreaching, duress, or coercion of any kind, and (B) Executive’s full, uninhibited, and faithful observance of each of the covenants contained in this Agreement will not cause Executive any undue hardship, financial or otherwise. It is the intention of all parties to make the covenants of Section 7 binding only to the extent that it may be lawfully done under existing applicable laws. In the event that any part of any covenant of Section 7 is determined by a court of law to be overly broad thereby making the covenant unenforceable, the parties hereto agree, and it is their desire, that such court shall substitute a reasonable, judicially enforceable limitation in place of the offensive part of the covenant and as so modified the covenant shall be as fully enforceable as set forth herein by the parties themselves in the modified form.