Problems Sample Clauses

Problems. To try and resolve fairly any problems, grievances and difficulties you may have while you volunteer with us. Part II: The Volunteer I,…………………………………………………… agree: To abide by the values of The Green Party while working at the Green Party office; To not discriminate against anyone on grounds of racial origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, parental status, class, religious belief, or sexual orientation; To observe my duties under the Data Protection Act. I will not disclose confidential information on the party’s data bases to any unauthorised individual & will not export any such information from the Green Party Office onto any personal computer equipment; To help The Green Party fulfil its aims as a political party; To perform my volunteering role to best of my ability; To let the Party Office staff know at least two days in advance if I am not going to be able to help in the office on a day I have previously committed to, except in case of sickness or emergency; To follow the Party’s procedures and standards, including health and safety and equal opportunities, in relation to its staff, volunteers and members; To maintain the confidential information of the organisation and of its members; To provide referees as agreed who may be contacted. This agreement is binding in honour only and is not intended to be a legally binding contract between us and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. Neither of us intends any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future. Signature of Volunteer Date Signature on behalf of The Green Party Date
Problems. If any teacher advises the District, in writing, of any reasonable basis to believe that problems exist in the implementation of a student’s current IEP which negatively impact the student’s educational progress and/or impede the learning progress of non-disabled students in the same classroom setting, the teacher shall have the right to call a meeting of appropriate staff to discuss the problems and possible solutions.
Problems. In the event of a dispute hereunder, the Steering Committee shall discuss and make an effort to resolve such dispute at or prior to the next scheduled Steering Committee meeting. If the Steering Committee shall have executed a written resolution of the dispute, each party shall begin performance in accordance with such resolution, provided that no agreement of the Steering Committee may amend or modify the terms of this Agreement without the concurrence of authorized management from both parties. At any time, a party may refer a dispute to be resolved by the Chief Operating Officer of Citadel and the Chairman of comScore (the “Senior Executives”).
Problems. To endeavor to resolve in a fair and just manner any problems, grievances or difficulties which; may be encountered while you volunteer with us. • In the event of an unresolved problem, to offer an opportunity to discuss the issues in accordance with the procedures set out in the Policies and Procedures Manual. I, agree to be a volunteer with Autism Society of the RMWB and commit to the following:
Problems. If the Problem is identified as a Priority 1 Problem, the Juniper NetworksEnd User Service duty manager will be immediately notified of any Priority 1 Problems to ensure engagement of all appropriate resources. Juniper Networks and End User shall work continuously (on a 24x7x365 basis), and shall use all commercially reasonable efforts, to work with End User’s dedicated resources to resolve the Priority 1 Problem until a Work Around or a Problem Resolution is successfully implemented. If a Priority 1 Problem is not resolved within a maximum of 1 hour from the time it is classified as such by Juniper Networks, Juniper Networks’ End User Service will confer with the appropriate Juniper Networks’ engineering subject-matter expert. If a Problem Resolution is successfully implemented, but such Problem Resolution cannot be deployed in a Product operating in End User's network without affecting service or operation, Juniper Networks shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide End User with a Work Around. If a Work Around is successfully implemented, a Priority 1 Problem shall be reclassified to the appropriate priority level. Subject to the foregoing, Juniper Networks will use all commercially reasonable efforts to deliver a workaround solution within 24 hours of the Priority 1 Problem having been observed or reproduced by Juniper Networks.
Problems. RazorStream shall immediately commence diagnosis of the Problem. RazorStream shall use its best efforts and work diligently 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to diagnose the Problem and provide a temporary fix or workaround to the Problem as soon as possible and will continue until the problem is resolved. RazorStream shall provide a permanent correction as part of its next Technology Release which shall be made available within 6 months of the Support Coordinator's report of the Problem. RazorStream shall provide to VM, within 15 days of the release of the temporary fix or workaround, a written plan detailing the proposed final solution for the Problem that shall be incorporated in the next Technology Release of the Technology.
Problems. In the event of problems during the graduation project that cannot be resolved between the student, the company, and the thesis supervisor at TU Delft, the company, the student or the thesis supervisor shall present such problems to the xxxx of the faculty. When one of the parties is willing to present the problem to the xxxx, this party should inform other parties about this in advance. If the problem cannot be resolved, the conflict can be brought exclusively before the competent court in the Hague, the Netherlands.