Product Data definition

Product Data are illustrations, standard schedules, performance charts, instructions, brochures, diagrams, and other information furnished by the Contractor to illustrate materials or equipment for some portion of the Work.
Product Data means illustrations, standard schedules, performance charts, instructions, brochures, diagrams and other information furnished by Contractor to illustrate a material, product or system for some portion of the Work.
Product Data means illustrations, schedules, performance charts, instructions, brochures, diagrams, and other information that Contractor furnishes to illustrate Materials to be incorporated into the Work.

Examples of Product Data in a sentence

  • To the extent permitted by the Applicable Laws, Licensor shall have the right to use all such Product Data to Exploit the Licensed Compound and any Licensed Product in its Applicable Territory.

  • Licensee shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to apply for any approvals, filings or licenses in its Applicable Territory as required by the Applicable Laws in order to allow Licensor to legally access and use the Product Data, and if such approvals, filings or licenses require Licensor’s assistance, Licensor will provide such assistance.

More Definitions of Product Data

Product Data means a manufacturer’s standard illustrations, schedules, diagrams, performance charts, instructions, and brochures that illustrate physical appearance, size, and other characteristics of materials and equipment.
Product Data means the information, documents, and records relating to the Product created in connection with Hospira’s performance under this Agreement, the manufacture of the Product, or other use of Drug provided by Cempra. Product Data may include, documents and records pertaining to the manufacture of the Product, Batch records (including the Master Batch Record), Certificates of Analysis, Certificates of Compliance, an identification of the analytical test methods employed and analytical test results achieved, and all other relevant documents, reports and data prepared, developed or generated by Hospira in connection with the development or manufacture of Product hereunder. Product Data, however, shall expressly exclude raw data developed that does not pertain to Cempra, the Product, or the Drug and is related to Hospira’s manufacturing processes that are generally applicable to its pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, as well as any Hospira Confidential Information.
Product Data means all data, information or results generated in the performance of any clinical studies, non-clinical studies (including pharmacological and toxicological studies) or chemistry and analytical studies in respect of the Product conducted by or on behalf of either party whether before or after the Effective Date;
Product Data means any data or results, including any property information, ownership information, sales information, photographs, valuation or market share analyses, index results or alerts, contained within or provided through the Property Products. Property Product means the Products known as Nearmap Property or Nearmap Real Estate. Inconsistency In the event of any inconsistency between any other clause of this Agreement and this clause 15 the provisions of this clause 15 prevail.
Product Data means the physical embodiment, to the extent available of: (a) the know-how, including relevant laboratory notebook information, screening data and synthesis schemes, including descriptions in any form, data and other information, and (b) all other data including Regulatory Data and any other pre-clinical and clinical data and information, technical, chemical, safety and scientific data, information and know-how, obtained or generated in connection with Development of the Product in the Field.
Product Data means all submittals in the form of printed manufacturer’s literature, manufacturer’s specifications, and catalog cuts.
Product Data means any and all data relating to or arising out of the Development or Manufacture of the Licensed Compound or Licensed Products, or that is otherwise necessary or useful for the Exploitation of the Licensed Compound or Licensed Products in the Field in the Territory, including data collected or resulting from pre-clinical studies or Clinical Trials, CMC data, Manufacturing records and information, and supporting documentation (e.g., protocols, format of case report forms, analysis plans) relating to pre-clinical studies, Clinical Trials or other Development or Manufacturing activities with respect to the Licensed Compound or Licensed Products.