Child Care Sample Clauses

Child Care. The Employer shall continue to provide tax sheltered dependent care accounts for employees' payroll deduction use if allowable under state and federal statute. Each campus shall provide to employees information that is available on child care referral services existing for both well and sick child care. This information will be provided at employee orientation and upon employee request by the appropriate Human Resources Department. Employees may use accrued sick leave hours up to 16 hours per unscheduled occurrence to provide child care for their own child or children. Whenever the University establishes an active Child Care Committee on a campus, the Union shall be offered representation on that Committee. CHILD CARE RESOURCE AND REFERRAL NETWORKEmployees in the Duluth area should contact the UMD Department of Human Resources at (218) 726-7161 for information regarding adult and child care services. • Employees in the Morris area should contact the UMM Department of Human Resources at (320) 589-6024. THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTERThe Child Development Center provides child care programs at several locations in the Twin Cities area. For more information call the University Child Development Center at 612-625-2273. Student Parent Help Center 612-626- 6015. • In addition, child care services are available at the Child Development Center on the Crookston campus. For more information contact the UMC Child Development Center at (218) 281-8285.
Child Care. 1. The Employer shall provide on-Campus day care facilities in which at least fifty spaces are assigned on a priority basis to the children of Members. Hereafter these spaces are referred to as Faculty Priority (FP) spaces.
Child Care. A. Full-time employees employed as of March 1 who meet all of the following criteria shall be eligible for a lump sum payment each year. Eligible employees may apply for this payment between March 1 and April 15 of each year. Payment shall be made within thirty (30) days of receipt of the completed application. Any application received after April 15 will be considered on a case by case basis and shall not be arbitrarily rejected.