Child Care Sample Clauses

Child Care. A. Employees employed as of March 1 who meet the following criteria shall be eligible for a lump sum payment each year. Eligible employees may apply for this payment between March 1 and April 15 of each year. Payment shall be made within thirty (30) days of receipt of the completed application. Any application received after April 15 will be considered on a case by case basis and shall not be arbitrarily rejected.
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Child Care. The County will continue to support the concept of non-profit child care facilities similar to the “Kid’s at Workprogram established in the Public Works Department.
Child Care. At the request of the Union, the Union and the Employer agree to form a statewide joint labor-management committee on childcare. The committee will be composed of six (6) representatives for the Union and six (6) representatives for the Employer.
Child Care. The Employer may make available the use of facilities for child care centers. Use of facilities shall include a rental/lease agreement. Any child care facilities and/or vendors utilized under this Article must be certified in accordance with state laws and regulations.
Child Care. 45.01 The Employer and the Union agree to establish a Joint Committee to investigate the availability and viability of facilities and equipment for child care centres for children of employees cov- ered by this Agreement.
Child Care. Unit members with pre-school age children may enroll their children in the child development center at each campus by paying the full cost of the childcare on a space available basis. Failure to accommodate any particular child in the child development center shall not be grievable.
Child Care. Pilot for Child Care Reimbursement for 2019 to be Processed in 2020 A Labor/Management committee comprised of one (1) representative for each participating bargaining unit appointed by the respective bargaining agent and an equal number of management members appointed by the Governor shall be established to develop a Child Care Reimbursement Pilot Program for the 2019 child care reimbursement applications to be submitted and processed in 2020. Committee members may participate in the work of the committee during working hours without loss of pay or benefits. The Child Care Reimbursement Pilot Program is intended to be based on employee salary, without requiring tax documents. The pilot shall not decrease maximum income amounts or maximum reimbursement amounts identified in the process below but may result in increased eligibility and participation. A recommended pilot program shall be submitted to the Governor or her designee for final approval, and if approved, may be implemented for the applications to be processed in 2020. If the parties do not agree on one recommended pilot program to be submitted to the Governor, multiple options may be submitted for final approval. Once the processing period for 2020 has been completed, the committee shall meet to review the process and make a recommendation or recommendations to the Governor or her designee to (a) continue the process as created for 2021; (b) make improvements to the process and run another pilot in 2021; or (c) end the pilot and revert back to the process below for 2021. The parties agree that the Labor/Management committee does not have the authority to change the contractual process beyond the scope of a pilot program for 2020 and/or 2021 and that any permanent changes must be negotiated in a successor contract.
Child Care. The Employer shall continue to provide tax sheltered dependent care accounts for employees' payroll deduction use, if allowable under state and federal statute. Each campus shall provide to employees information that is available on child care referral services existing for both well and sick child care. This information will be provided at employee orientation and upon employee request by the appropriate Human Resources Department. Additional child care information is included in Appendix E. Whenever the University establishes an active Child Care Committee on a campus, the Union shall be offered representation on that Committee.
Child Care. Upon written request to the College, a leave of absence, or a renewal thereof, without pay for child care shall be granted to an Employee.
Child Care. 1. The Employer shall provide on-Campus day care facilities in which at least fifty spaces are assigned on a priority basis to the children of Members. Hereafter these spaces are referred to as Faculty Priority (FP) spaces.