Use of Facilities Sample Clauses

Use of Facilities. When an End User of e.spire elects to discontinue service from e.spire and to transfer service to another LEC, including BellSouth, BellSouth shall have the right to reuse the facilities provided to e.spire for retail or Resale service or as, unbundled Loops or unbundled Ports for that End User. In addition, BellSouth may disconnect and reuse facilities when the facility is in a denied state, and BellSouth has received an order to establish new service, or transfer service from an End User or an End User’s CLEC, at the same address served by the denied facility.
Use of Facilities. 35.1. In situations where a competitive LEC has the use of the facilities (i.e., Local Loop) to a specific customer premise, either through resale of local service or the lease of the Local Loop as an Unbundled Network Element, and Embarq receives a good faith request for service from a customer at the same premise or from another carrier with the appropriate customer authorization, the procedures below will apply.
Use of Facilities. The Union shall be allowed the use of facilities of the Employer for meetings providing that written approval of the Employer is secured subject to the following conditions:
Use of Facilities. The Association shall have the right to use school buildings for any lawful, noncommercial purpose without cost except for necessary expenses incurred as a result of the activity. Such use shall be by prior arrangement with the principal and with no interference to normal school operation. The Association shall have the right to use school facilities and all office, reproduction, and audiovisual equipment, at reasonable times, when such equipment is not otherwise in use and provided the user is qualified to operate the equipment and has obtained the approval of the principal or his/her designee. The Association shall pay for costs of all materials and supplies incidental to such use and shall be liable for any damage resulting from such use.
Use of Facilities. 7-1 The Association shall have the use of school mailboxes and the inter-school mail service for the distribution of non-defamatory material initiated by the Association. Copies of all materials shall be given to the building principal. The material will be clearly identified and the Association accepts the liability for such material and therefore agrees to hold the District, its employees and agents, harmless from all claims, demands, losses, liability, cost or expenses of any nature, to include attorney's fees, arising from the distribution of Association material using the school mail service. The foregoing "hold harmless" clause shall not apply to grievances between the Association and the District. If the use extended herein is misused by the Association or any of its designated representatives, it may be immediately revoked by the Superintendent. District teachers shall be permitted use of School District mail services for district-related business.
Use of Facilities a. Subject to and in accordance with University policies on the use and scheduling of physical facilities, including payment of charges established by the University for the use of such facilities, the Union may use the physical facilities of a University, except for student residential facilities.
Use of Facilities. Upon request to the university President/designee, the campus Association shall be permitted to meet at the university if appropriate facilities are available. All requests must be submitted in accordance with the campus facility usage procedure. Any additional costs incurred by the Employer because of the Campus Association’s use of its facilities may be charged to the Campus Association.
Use of Facilities. The Association may use school facilities for meetings when involved unit members are not on duty, subject to approval of the principal. Such approval shall be granted unless such meetings conflict with previously scheduled use of such facilities or the buildings are otherwise unavailable for use. Such meetings shall not interfere with the service of the employee or the school program.
Use of Facilities. The Xxxxxx City School District Classified Employees shall have the right to use school mail boxes, email, and the inter-school mail service for organizational materials, provided that all such material is clearly identified and of a non-political nature. The Association accepts the responsibility for such material. The Association shall be allowed to use school buildings for Association meetings so long as arrangements have been made with the superintendent of schools or an authorized representative. Such meetings shall not conflict with any regular or special educational activities and such use shall not involve extra or other unusual expense to the District. Use of buildings on other than school days requires the approval of the superintendent or his representative. Any added expense resulting from Association use shall be paid by the Association.
Use of Facilities. So long as any Bonds are Outstanding and the Facilities are operated by or for the benefit of the Company, the Company shall exercise all of its rights, powers, elections and options under the Plant Agreements to cause the Facilities to be used for purposes contemplated by the Act and in the Tax Agreement.