Distance Education Sample Clauses

Distance Education. Distance education means instruction in which the instructor and student are separated by distance and interact through the assistance of communication technologies. All distance education courses and sections will be designated as such in the District schedule of classes. Distance education courses include hybrid (see glossary) instruction and fully online instruction.
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Distance Education. 7.13.1 Expanding student access, not increasing productivity or enrollment, shall be the primary determining factor when a decision is made to schedule a distance education course. There will be no reduction in force of faculty (as defined in Article XXIII of this Agreement) as a result of the District’s participation in distance education.
Distance Education. A. Unit members will not be required to teach in ITV programs except when consistent with terms contained in letters of appointment. Videotapes of ITV program offerings shall conform to use policies established by the unit member and shall not be routinely kept by the University except for examination review, for make-up of student absences or for the unit member's self-study purposes. Videotapes shall not be used for evaluation purposes except where permitted by department or division evaluation procedure. Scheduling of ITV obligations shall conform with the other provisions of this Article. The University agrees not to retransmit by electronic means the work product of a unit member without the written consent of the unit member or his/her authorized representative and with any additional compensation as determined by mutual agreement. The use of videotapes as an ADA accommodation will be determined by the campus ADA officer in consultation with the faculty member.
Distance Education. The Board and the Association share a common goal to produce and deliver the most valuable and effective education for our students in the format and with the technology that most successfully meets that goal.
Distance Education. Section 1.
Distance Education a. Faculty members assigned to teach a technology-delivered course section will be provided reassigned time equal to at least half of the credit units for the assigned technology-delivered course section credit units if the assignment constitutes a new preparation for the faculty member or the first time the faculty member has been assigned to teach the course as a technology-delivered course section. In consideration of the faculty member’s previous experience, or lack of experience, with distance education, the Chair may assign additional reassigned time up to the number of credit units for the assigned technology-delivered course section.
Distance Education. 20.1 Distance Education offers faculty and the District new and creative ways in which to deliver approved curriculum. While the District encourages the use of technology to provide alternative learning forums, no faculty member shall be required to teach a distance education course.
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Distance Education. Members of the bargaining unit engaged in distance learning will perform duties in addition to those described of tenured, fixed-term, or librarians, as defined by a Memo of Expectation between the University Division of Distance Education and the contracted faculty member. These duties shall include, but are not limited to, providing instruction, preparing materials for distance delivery, and providing the equivalent of online availability and timely response and advising to students as appropriate to course delivery mode. All bargaining unit members will abide by the reasonable rules, policies, and ethical standards of the University.
Distance Education. All Distance Education courses being taught for the first time by a particular Instructional Faculty unit member or being taught in a Distance Education format for the first time or being taught for the first time in either of the colleges must be submitted for approval to the appropriate College Curriculum Committee and any additional committee as required by the specific college.
Distance Education. 25.1 The Department of Distance Learning and Continuing Education (DLCE) shall coordinate the development and delivery of distance education credit courses according to the following:
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