Referral Services definition

Referral Services means Capitation Services which are rendered to Members through a process established by PARTICIPATING MEDICAL GROUP.
Referral Services means those Acute Care Services provided to a Member by a non-participating hospital which, due to the specialized nature of the service or facility required, cannot be provided by the Plan's participating hospitals. Referral Services shall be considered Eligible Hospital Services if such services are specifically authorized by the Plan. Referral Services shall mean the lesser of:
Referral Services means the referral services provided by UNI on where UNI markets loan offers from one or more lenders to consumers and generates and displays specific loan offers from Bank, and other bank partners using the “Powered By Upstart” platform services, for consumers to review and select. The Referral Services shall provide Bank with an additional channel for potentially acquiring Loan customers.

Examples of Referral Services in a sentence

Supportive pupil interventions, including participation of the Intervention and Referral Services Team, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-8; 6.

Households that contain a member who is sanctioned continue to be eligible to receive Family Independence Information and Referral Services so resources are excluded and not deemed.

Expanded categorical eligible households through Family Independence Information and Referral Services will have the household’s resources excluded when determining eligibility for SNAP benefits.

Supportive pupil interventions, including participation of the Intervention and Referral Services Team, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-8;6.

A lawyer shall not accept a referral from, or otherwise participate in, a lawyer referral service unless it complies with such Minimum Standards for Lawyer Referral Services.

More Definitions of Referral Services

Referral Services means those health care services rendered by a health professional other than the primary care provider, and who are approved by the primary care provider, or by the contractor.
Referral Services means the arrangement between a bank and a third party financial product provider, for referring the customers of the bank to the third party financial product provider.
Referral Services means a formal process to assure that parents or guardians of children with birth defects are informed of medical and support services for which they may be eligible in order to improve health outcomes and/or enhance the quality of their children's lives.
Referral Services means all Covered Services rendered to Assigned Members by any provider other than a Provider, including Participating Providers who are not Providers and non- Participating Providers, including Emergency Services, and specialty, physician, inpatient, outpatient, institutional, ancillary, mental health and substance abuse, home health care, laboratory, other traditional institutional and professional services, whether on an in-network or out-of-network basis, and other services or value added services covered under such Assigned Members’ Benefit Plans.