April 15 definition

April 15. The President will: (a) review the Committee recommendations, (b) review the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ recommendations, and (c) forward the President’s recommendations to the Board.
April 15 shall be changed to "May 1" in line 2; (2) "October 15" shall be changed to "November 1" in line 2; and (3) "April, 1997' shall be changed to "November, 1998' in line 3.
April 15. If the Vice President of Academic Affairs concurs with the Deans’ recommendations, the Vice President of Academic Affairs shall forward the candidates’ names to the President. If the Vice President does not recommend a candidate for promotion, the Vice President will notify the unsuccessful candidate in writing. There is no appeal to this decision. May Board Meeting: The President will recommend or not recommend candidates for promotion to the Board. Promotions shall be effective at the start of the next Fall semester of employment. There is no appeal to this decision.

Examples of April 15 in a sentence

  • For example, if you are a calendar year taxpayer, and you make your IRA contribution on or before April 15, your contribution is considered to have been made for the previous tax year if you designate it as such.

  • For calendar day and completion date contracts, the Department will not extend the contract time for delays encountered on holidays and during the period from November 15 to April 15.

  • As required by section 3010 of Public Law 111-212, all information posted in the designated integrity and performance system on or after April 15, 2011, except past performance reviews required for Federal procurement contracts, will be publicly available.

  • Vegetation clearing associated with construction will be avoided during the migratory bird nesting period (i.e., April 15 to August 31) to the extent feasible.

  • Between October 15 and April 15 all disturbed soil must be stabilized at the end of each work day.

  • The Company is thus focusing on the following measures as part of the medium-term business plan (FY2016 - FY2018) announced on April 15, 2016.

  • Conduct a public hearing on April 15, 2013 as part of its Community Development Committee meeting regarding amending the 2030 Regional Parks Policy Plan to recognize the proposed Kingswood Special Recreation Feature as a component of the regional parks system.

  • Kikumura's mission was to carry out a bombing attack against a U.S. Navy recruiting station in lower Manhattan on April 15 to commemorate the second anniversary of the 1986 U.S. airstrike against Libya.

  • Nest sweeps for the Project will be conducted, when required, in terrestrial and wetland habitats between April 15 and August 31.

  • An employee holding an extra-duty position who does not want that position the following year must notify the administration of his/her intention by April 15.

More Definitions of April 15

April 15. Xxxx completes review and submits report to chair, committee and faculty member (Assuming "meets standards").

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  • Central Clock Time or "CCT" means Central Daylight Time when Daylight Savings Time is in effect and Central Standard Time when Daylight Savings Time is not in effect.

  • Start Date for Term Calculation Purposes Only: Regardless of actual award/effective date of Contract, for Agreement “term” calculation purposes only, the Agreement “start date” is the last day of the month that Award Notifications are anticipated as published in the Solicitation. Example: If the anticipated award date published in the Solicitation is August 27, 2020 but extended negotiations delay award until September 24, 2020 the end date of the resulting initial “two-year” term Agreement, (which is subject to an extension(s)) will still be August 31, 2022 in this example

  • Commencement Date means the date fourteen (14) days after the date the Contract comes into effect or any other date named in the Contract Data.

  • Year means a calendar year.

  • Term Commencement Date shall be the day Landlord tenders possession of the Premises to Tenant with the Landlord’s Work Substantially Complete. If Landlord’s tender of possession of the Premises is delayed by (a) the failure of Tenant to comply with its obligations under this Lease and the Work Letter or (b) any action of Tenant or Tenant’s agents that results in a delay of the Term Commencement Date (each, a “Tenant Delay”), then the Term Commencement Date shall be the date that the Term Commencement Date would have occurred but for such Tenant Delay. Tenant shall execute and deliver to Landlord written acknowledgment of the actual Term Commencement Date within ten (10) days after Substantial Completion of Landlord’s Work, in the form attached as Exhibit C-1 hereto, and Tenant shall execute and deliver to Landlord written acknowledgment of the actual Rent Commencement Date and Term Expiration Date within ten (10) days after the Rent Commencement Date, in the form attached as Exhibit C-2 hereto. Failure to execute and deliver such acknowledgments, however, shall not affect the Term Commencement Date, the Rent Commencement Date, the Term Expiration Date or Landlord’s or Tenant’s liability hereunder. Failure by Tenant to obtain validation by any medical review board or other similar governmental licensing of the Premises required for the Permitted Use by Tenant shall not serve to extend the Term Commencement Date.

  • Service Commencement Date means the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service pursuant to the terms of an executed Service Agreement, or the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service in accordance with Tariff, Part II, section 15.3 or Tariff, Part III, section 29.1.

  • Start means the relevant Compounded Index value on the day falling the Relevant Number of Index Days prior to the first day of the relevant Interest Period.

  • Summer Period means the June, July, August, and September billing months. “Winter Period” means the December, January, February, and March billing months. “Transition Period” means the April, May, October, and November billing months.

  • Railway Operation Date means the date of the first carriage of iron ore, freight goods or other products over the relevant Railway (other than for construction or commissioning purposes);

  • Renewal Date means the effective date of Renewal. The first Renewal Date shall be the date as specified in the Policy Schedule (which shall not be later than the first anniversary of the Policy Effective Date) and the subsequent Renewal Date(s) shall be the anniversary(ies) of the first Renewal Date. The relevant Renewal Date shall be specified in the notification of Renewal in accordance with Section 3 of Part 4.